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  1. Michmich

    Michmich Oakley Beginner

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    Hi everyone! Need your guys' help here. So I just purchased one from EBay (seller: frieco). U think these are real? And are frogskins normally light weight? How much does it weigh? Are they
    Suppose to have an "o" insignia on the lense? I also got the polarized one, are they suppose to be imprinted with the word polarized on the lense?
    I have so many questions I know lol I love frogskins and I wanna make sure the ones I got are real :)

    Hope u guys can help me!!!! :) thanks all! :sad:
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  2. Oakleynerd

    Oakleynerd Moderator Staff Member Premium Member

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    sounds sketchy . . . the frieco i know is legit!

    post pics please.
  3. jk-27

    jk-27 Moderator Premium Member

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    Frieco is legit as far as I know. However, what you described sounds fake. Frogskins don't come with an 'O' etched on to the lens, if they do they are fake, no question. Polarised Frogskins lenses do have 'Polarized' etched on the lens.

    You can spot a fake a ton of ways:

    - Fakes do not use O-Matter for the frames and feel much lighter than real Frogskins
    - The colour of the frame is not exactly the same as real versions (particularly the Grenades are a darker olive/green from what I've seen, the Rootbeers are darker, the Purple Clears are darker, and the Marine Fades are darker - however, they are getting better.)
    - The finish quality is not as good, particularly the logo on the earstems, the colour finish doesn't go all the way to the edge/is messy on the raised Oakley logo
    - The model numbers printed on the inside of the earstems will not match the model number on real versions
    - The lenses are normally bigger/won't fit real Frogskins frames
    - The microbags will not have a quality finish/stiching is loose
    - The warranty/paperwork has spelling mistakes on it
    - The printing on the back of the box has spelling mistakes in it
    - The box does not come with a sticker with the barcode, SKU number, and production date on it
    - Some have an 'Authenticity' card but Frogskins never come with an authenticity card
    - Some have a cleaning cloth in addition to the microbag, but Oakley never issue cleaning cloths with Frogskins

    For us to be 100% sure we need to see pictures of what you purchased, we can't tell just from the description provided, so please post pics.
  4. jonoyong

    jonoyong Inside Outlaw. Staff Member Premium Member

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    what jk said. =) i bought from Frieco before. no problems at all.