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Real Or Fugazi?


I have a few pair.....
Upstate New York
These have been on my local CL for a while (at least since July). He was originally asking $75....now he is asking $50. The hinge looks a little loose or "off" in the second pic.

What do you think?



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Thanks Brip, he claims he is the original owner and the lenses are in great shape. He also said there is no SKU on the frame. I am not sure if the SKU would be on the frame with a model that is a little older.

I have the Zero 0.4 in glitter gold and gold iridium,a nd long time fan of the Zeros (my first pair was a Zero). Well worth picking up. thses guys did NOT have SKU's on the frame, thats only on newer lifestyle frames..congrats on a beautiful find, i wanna see more pictures when you get them!

I just sold a pair like this 2 weeks ago for $150 on ebay-Very cool of they don't have scratches

Well...I am out of town on business, so I sent a friend of mine to meet the guy and give them the once over (I owe him a few drinks for doing this for me). He said the lens were not in perfect condition...they had some scratches when you look at them. When wearing them...you cannot tell. They were being sold for $50 and he did buy them....but he won't tell me the price he paid (which I will eventually pay).

He should be sending me pics soon.

haha i'll be anything he haggled the hell out of it and you owe about $30. as long as you cant see the scratches looking through, its no collector pice but you wont be afraid to wear them out anymore! can rock those shades all dayy