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Discussion in 'Oakley Display Case Discussion' started by GoldenGatePeepers, 2/21/16.

  1. GoldenGatePeepers


    What are reasonable prices for 3.0 displays? Towers and doubles? How about a metal double?

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  2. pistolpetefan23

    pistolpetefan23 Premium Member

    For a tower I'd say $200-$300 would be a good price. People certainly pay more, and certainly pay less (as I did). But that range I'd consider a "good" price. If they are hard to find in your area, you might have to pay up a bit, and $300 to $400 might be what it takes and probably isn't totally out of line in some areas. But, it also depends on what is reasonable/affordable/explainable-to-the-wife for YOU.
    Last edited: 2/24/16

  3. GoldenGatePeepers


    Lol well said, asking because I have a few to get rid of as my collection depletes. 1 already went to a member a few weeks ago ;)
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  4. Manish


    Oh well..I finally was able to score 2 X-metal single wides this past weekend.
    I knew what they were worth but the seller did not budge much.
    He was only 13 miles from me, hence landed up paying $950 for both :(.
    I am not married yet and I had been on the hunt for close to 2 years.
    No regrets pulling the trigger.

  5. Wicked

    Wicked Premium Member

    If you are selling and wondering what to ask, post pics of cases.
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  6. GoldenGatePeepers


    I'm not selling just yet. Doing a little research on what's fair these days.
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  7. Slawomir


    I love a phrase "explainable for wife"

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