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Reborn Oakley Addict


And then there was X...
Falls Church, VA
Hello from Alexandria, VA!

At the suggestion from bouncingboy_77, I decided to join this wonderful forum. It's already paid off too with the discovery of Oakleys at discount prices on the MyCokeRewards.com thread!

A little bit about my history with Oakley:

Bought my first pair of Oakleys back in college (sometime between 1997-2001) which was a pair of Square Wires with a Silver frame and Ice Iridium lenses. Only had that one pair for a while before one of my cats (RIP) decided to chew on the lenses. I was never able to find replacement lenses for those and that pair is now retired with teeth marks on it. My second pair is the Juliets with a Plasma frame and Emerald Iridiums which I still keep in top notch condition. Bought them on a trip to Hawaii after not being able to find them anywhere in California where I was living at the time.

For many years the Juliets were the only pair I had. I wore that on every occasion, formal or not. Finally I decided that I looked rather silly with Juliets and a suit and decided to get a pair of Splinters with a Matte Black/Midnight frame and Warm Greys. That was around May and would soon lead to a flurry of Oakley buying for me.

Since the Splinters, I've bought a pair of Gascans Transformers Edition HDO-3D which I swapped out for Ruby Iridiums, Square Whiskers with a Pewter frame and Emerald Iridium Polarized, C-Wires with a Lead Frame and Ice Iridiums, Custom Flak Jackets with a Grey Smoke frame, Black Iridiums, and Slate earsocks, and finally a Split Jacket with a Polished White frame and Ice Iridiums/Light Grey set.

So about 7 pairs within a span of four months or so. Needless to say, I need to slow my roll. :laugh:

Oh and I also have a Crowbar JP Auclair Tokyo Subway Edition with Persimmon.