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  1. electricrelish

    electricrelish Oakley Beginner

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    A couple of weeks ago, Karmaloop.com had a %75 off sale, so I picked up the black iconic Jeremy Scott and Linda Farrow collaboration Mickey sunglasses worn by Lady Gaga in the Paparazzi video and by Beyonce in Lady Gaga’s Telephone video.

    Last Christmas, I had given a pair of knockoffs as a joke gift to my g/f and she really liked them, so when I saw that the authentic ones were on sale, I jumped on them. Now that I have the real thing in my hands, I still think the knockoffs had some creative revisions like putting a second set of lens as lens covers which still allow you to see when the lens covers are down whereas the authentic Mickey's do not, which means they are only meant to be worn when up. The authentic Mickey's fit a lot better and look much sharper overall. I gave them to her yesterday as an anniversary gift. She loved them and when she went out with them, teenage girls were complementing her on how much they loved her glasses. I did manage one complment at the public pool from a guy who loved my pair of Oakley Tens with the Polarized OO Red Iridium Polarized, but I digress.

    Black frame teamed with dark grey lens.
    CR39 lenses
    For: UNISEX
    Lens Colour: GREY
    Frame Colour: BLACK
    Style: SPECIAL
    Available at: Welcome Linda Farrow Offical Website

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    Shade Station Oakley Sunglasses

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  2. funinc158

    funinc158 Oakley Beginner

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    Little thread revival here. Just got this recently

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