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Discussion in 'Oakley Collections Area' started by snumfalzumpa, 9/27/11.

  1. snumfalzumpa


    Here's some of my recent pickups; first two are from another member on here who was super helpful...

    Oil Rigs - Clear with chrome icon and Ice Iridium lens
    Recent Pickups - IMG_3365.jpg

    Inmates - Polished Black/VR28 Black Iridium
    Recent Pickups - IMG_3371.jpg

    and I finally got these in the mail from SGH after that debacle I had in the store. Funny thing is after all that when I received the package I could hear the box sliding around inside the package, so of course the box is super bent and damaged. Seriously F*CK SGH. At least the glasses are flawless this time...
    Recent Pickups - IMG_3359.jpg
    Recent Pickups - IMG_3362.jpg

    here's a little group shot haha
    Recent Pickups - IMG_3375.jpg

    and i only buy glasses that i plan to wear so i'm not like most of you guys haha... only exception would be my old pair of OTTs, but i would still wear those whenever i could find a chance lol

    Shade Station Oakley Sunglasses

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  2. yoshi1984


    Seriously..SGH are a bunch of FU**ERS. god i hate that store. not to mention i hate mall's. Their sunglasses are always so trashed...

  3. Oakleynerd

    Oakleynerd Staff Member Premium Member

    nice SW holbrooks dude. . .
    it's cool that you got in online!

  4. FrogTastic


    Like the wht/24k

  5. OBlazer


    ah, jealous of those Holbrooks! Glad to see you're liking the other two as well

  6. snumfalzumpa


    thanks guys yeah i'm loving the holbrooks, definitely love the other two pairs as well. ^^ thanks man!

    is it just me though, or are the 24k lenses a pain in the ass to clean!?! i noticed this with the display pair i originally got from SGH, but after i returned them i thought it was just because of the stuff they sprayed on the em or something.... but now that i got the brand new pair in, it still seems like i can't get them 100% clean; in the right light i always notice these real light streak marks... maybe i need to get that oakley cleaning kit.....

    ...just picked up a sick new pair of plasma/fire iridium x-squareds, can't wait for those to get in....
    Recent Pickups - 700285309842__4.jpg
    also i loved those holbrooks so much i picked up another pair, this time matte black/warm grey w/ a silver icon.... AND ordered some goldbrooks of coolframes, but i'm not holding out much hope for those, they said the tentative ship date is Oct. 30th but who knows.... this is the only time i wished i lived in the UK. lol

  7. Herbsley


    Lol - you'd seriously suffer our sh1tty weather just to get your hands on some Goldbrooks? Haha. Wow. That's dedication, man.

    Regarding 24k lenses - Yup they smudge reeeaally easily. So do the Chrome Iridium actually in my Holbrooks. Ya just have to be uber careful with them. But then, I think we probably all are with our lenses. It's just the Chrome n 24k seem to smudge themselves!

  8. snumfalzumpa


    hahaha yes i would....... only for a couple weeks though!! just enough time to get the glasses shipped to me then back to sunny so-cal i go! lol.

    hahaha seriously though! i swear they do! and chrome iridium is bad but not nearly as bad for me at least... with the 24k i'll polish them up, and then two seconds later i'll see a smudge out of nowhere! lol, it drives me crazy! but at least it's not something you notice when you're wearing them.....

  9. Herbsley


    So ...

    Constant sunshine, loads of Custom options, and full footwear range.

    Versus ...

    The Sun? What's that?
    Custom Hijinx? Erm, no. Not for you limeys.
    Oh but we have gold Holbrooks.

    So, erm, yeah, we win.
    Yay :rolleyes:


  10. S-works


    great add! another proud x-squared owner!! :dance3:
    i wonder if Razerwire has seen this thread yet... :tongue:

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