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Discussion in 'Oakley Sunglasses Discussion' started by Juan1605, 2/17/16.

  1. Juan1605


    Hello, next month i will buy my first oakley lens. The question is what lens you recommend me. I Need lens for cycling. My activity is 70% road and 30% mtb. I have been thinking in the radarlock tour the france edition with prizm road, but i read in the forum that the prizm road is not good for a brightness sunny day, iridium polarized are best for this case. In Buenos Aires in summer days the road reflect all brightness of sun and i dont know if the prizm road can help me with this. So, maybe for a long time i only have this first lens, next i try to buy a replacement lens but not for the next months so i need to choose prizm or iridium or iridium polarized. What recommend you? Thanks

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  2. thisguy


    VR28 Black Iridium Polarized.
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  3. iamFLIP


    How about Prizm Daily Polarized?

  4. Juan1605


    Thanks, Black iridium polarized and prizm daily are a great idea, but the bad of polarized is when i have to go mtb riding. All local mtb circuits are in a places with lot of trees so the polzarized must be darkness for this situation. I know that the ideal is buy for example prizm road and prizm trail, but i dont have much money for this :headbang:. So first i need a lens compatible with road and trail activities for the moment, maybe in four or five months i will buy another replacement lens. Thanks

  5. OakleyFrankFMJ

    OakleyFrankFMJ Premium Member Lifetime Member

    You pretty much answered your own question I believe.

    Go for prizm road.

  6. the_owl


    1th ?
    Recommendation 1th Oakley - download.jpg

  7. Juan1605


    Yes, i like the prizm road, but i was thinking that exist an option out of polarized or prizm. Maybe only iridium in any color or photocromatic... I dont know if this options are recommended for cycling. Thanks again!

  8. Juan1605



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