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Refurbishing nose bridge logos

Brian Nickell

I should Work at Oakley
I have a pair of FMJ W Eye Jackets that need some refurb. I just had a new set of +Red Iridium lenses cut for them but otherwise the frame itself is in great shape. The nose bridge logo has faded and needs to be redone. I've attempted to contact a few folks for answers with no luck so here I am asking the best O-addicts I know. Any ideas as to how I can get the nose bridge logo sparkling like new? You can't really tell from the picture but the logo can still be fully seen its just faded. Can anyone help with a fix? The icons on the ear stems have flaking too but I know gen 1 XX Twenty, gen 2 Minute and of course gen 2 Eye Jacket icons can be used. How do I carefully remove the old icons and what do I use as adhesive for the new ones? Thanks in advance gang!
Anyone out there that can help? Please guys and gals I'm desperate. These are an extremely rare frame and I want to restore them to glory!
Did you ask The Doc?
Per his instruction I have messaged him through his website TWICE with no response. That's an avenue that I have abandoned after at least a month's worth of waiting. His website says he'll answer within 7 days and he has not so I've turned to the forum for help. :help:
Docs a no go I'm fairly certain. I asked about a pair of XX's and the stencil needed is too small to cut. This was about a year ago so things may have changed but I wouldn't count on it.
The airbrush can be obtained from a good art shop, regarding laser cut negative decal: I'd say you need to look for a specialist graphics house.
There's a bunch of decal cutting guys on eBay that I talk to most of them already have the artwork logo you just have to get the reverse copy of it to act as a masking template