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Remember this Baby? Such a shame that the serials got shaven off


Oakley Enthusiast
I paid 7000php roughly $148USD

Its a shame that the serials got shaven off, not sure why

but I'm still happy they ended up with me...

Tinkering with it, trying figure out the serials I was able to take photos and enhance them enough
for me to see the numbers.

Front View

The Box - the coin says 2001

See that the Serials has been shaven off I cant make anything out of it... However notice a shadow of PI on the frame.


Using a flash light and playing around with different lighting angles, the numbers seems to appear.


Cropped and edited the photo...

VIOLA!!! the numbers are now more or less readable...


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I don't think you should ever have to worry about if it's stolen, after 10 years and you being in the Philippines, there is no Jurisdiction for a claim ;) enjoy your Penny's!