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  1. Ali

    Ali Oakley Enthusiast Premium Member

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    I am getting the first sample this week of the foam cut to match the foam in the Juliet box.
    I will have to wait to see the price once it has been made but the price should be £20 including postage, with discount if you want more then one.
    It costs me a small fortune to get each new shape made in the foam so I just wanted to see who an how many people are interested in it?
    If you can pm me then once I get them in I will message you back with pics an we can sort out the sale.
    I also will have replacement foam for the small medium and the large xmetal size vaults.
    I am also working on getting the foam for the x metal case in black and in a different type of foam.
    Let me know if your interested.

    Please note that this foam is not from Oakley, it has been made as a copy of the original by a professional company that specialises in packing foam.
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  2. RoTors

    RoTors Oakley Expert Premium Member

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    First the X-metal vault THEN the boxes?!?! Nice!