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  1. Wendy17

    Wendy17 Oakley Beginner

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    I think I have a pair of 2nd Gen Frogskins from the late 80's early 90's They have the raised Oakley logo, plastic hinges and made in the USA. I order the replacement lenses directly from Oakley but they do not fit. Any suggestion where I can get replacement lenses for my Vintage Frogskins?
    Thank you!
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  2. Lexkempo

    Lexkempo Frog Fanatic

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    I'm surprised... Because current gen lenses fit G1 frames...
  3. dr.chop

    dr.chop Oakley Expert

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    are they the Gen1 Gen2 Frogskins, or the New Frogskins? Meaning Frogskins like the style today is gen 2, gen 1 has the metal hinge in a nylon frame that has "japan" stamped into the stem tip, or the New Frogskins, which has the grooved long thin wraparound stems?

    Big differences between 2 of them actually. Most, and I say most loosely, new version (called the collectors frogskins) lenses fit the Gen1/Gen2 frames. Metal hinged frames however, have had some that new lenses don't fit in. Not sure why some do and some don't, but I have a pair here right now that they don't fit as they are loose and rattle around. New Frogskins have a gigantic lens and there are NONE that fit them without being cut. I don't even think the 3rd party companies offer any. I also have a pair of those here right now too. If it's the grooved stem version, there is only 1 set of lenses big enough, and it's barely barely big enough to work, and that's the Taco lenses. That particular version has an 8 base curve lens, not the flat 6 base or whatever the most common appearing one is. I am not exactly sure what the curve is, I think it's 6, but it's flatter than a Holbrook.