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Discussion in 'Oakley X-Metal Discussion' started by starscream88, 7/10/11.

  1. starscream88


    I'm looking into buying a new set of lenses for a pair of Romeo 1 sunglasses. Where should I go about buying them? Also, I was curious as to if they are generally as prone to stress cracks as the original lenses are. Thanks for any help!

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  2. xmetalx


    I was hoping somebody would reply to this as I'm in the same situation as I'm are a lot of other folks.

    I've looked into this and there are a few possibilities that I've found.

    1. Easiest is to go aftermarket. I don't know how well these hold up but Visionary Lenses seems to get decent reviews. Exovista, Linegear and others offer them too. Can anyone comment on them?
    2. You can get them custom cut by an optometrist. I asked about getting it cut at Lense Crafters in Canada with Oakley material and was told it would be 300 bucks... ouch!
    3. Some folks out there will custom cut them from Oakley material, or you can do it yourself using an M-frame to work with.

    I'd love to hear from anyone out there though who knows of where some original lenses can be bought. I've looked in the vaults and at Oakley stores and have even called the head office. Unfortunately, it has been no dice.

  3. hkwinger


    I have tried all aftermarket lenses. They all are terrible if you are sensitive to distortions. I had a set of lenses cut from m-frame lenses by a collector who dabbles in that, I did not like those. The curvature was off, and the lenses had too much flex in them that created a lot of distortion at the stress spots. I will sell you those if you want them, but I wouldn't waste my money if I were you.

    I had my optometrist cut from jawbone lenses. They are very close in size so I was told if they don't come out 100% of the time and that was on me. They were right, out of 2 sets I got 3 good lenses so if you do find someone who will do it for you, I would buy extra lenses. I had slate lens in my romeo's for a while, then another collector sold me a black iridium and a fire iridium at a fair price. I have picked up a few sets along the way as well, but since I have 4 pairs, they are like gold to me along with the gaskets and screws.

  4. xmetalx


    The aftermarkets are that bad eh? Geez, I heard they were alright. Can you tell me what you mean by 'distortions'? Was it a problem with the curvature?

    As for the optometrist option, would you mind telling me where you got it done? Did it set you back 300 per? It just seems like a lot of cash to throw at new lenses.

    Also, any suggestions on where to get original lenses? Is it just finding them from collectors or is there anywhere else to go?

  5. hkwinger


    Aftermarkets are nowhere near as clear as oakley lenses. They make everything dark and have a lot less contrast so I find myself straining and it gives me a headache. Also I notice on colors like ruby, when the sun hits them it creates a flair like effect and makes it hard to see.

    I had it done at a sunglass shop that does prescription lenses. I purchased 2 sets of jawbone lenses for a pretty good discount, I think 40-50 a piece and took it to them. They cut my lenses for a flat $25 but took no responsibility for them if they messed up. I am in the Los Angeles area if you are local I can tell you who did them, but I would suspect a mom and pop sunglass shop would be able to to it.

    No clue where to get new ones. I would imagine making friends and asking around I suppose. I purchased them from a guy who sold me some some rare glasses and he had a huge collection, just did me a favor I suppose. I paid 80 bucks for them, not perfect, no scratches but beginnings of stress cracks, which is why I assume they were replaced.

  6. xmetalx


    Really eh? That's too bad. I was going to take a gamble on some of the Visionary Lenses but maybe the custom cut is the way to go then.
    Thanks. Were you happy with the custom cut ones? Can you tell me the name of the place that did it for you?

  7. hkwinger


    I am not telling not to, I am sensitive sunglasses and thats why I wear Oakley's, because I think they are the best. I understand Oakley does not make lenses anymore, so there are not that many options out there, but it makes little sense to have a $300 frame with cheap lenses in them. I was very happy with the cut set.

    I was just like you, thats why I wasted my money on aftermarket lenses. They look great on display, but I could not wear them. I wasted a lot of money forming my opinions.

    I'll PM you the info.

  8. xmetalx


    Thanks for all of your help. I'm going to look into places here that can do it. I'd love to be able to do chrome lenses as I think it would look awesome in the Romeo1s.

    So quick question for you, you said that M-Frames weren't the best to use but Jawbones worked. Would the Dispatch work? I'm just trying to figure out which lenses I could use that would fit my Romeo1s. I'd love to get it in chrome if possible but if not, I could just go with Black Iridium Jawbones. Any suggestions would be appreciated.


  9. hkwinger


    Sorry, no clue. I took the Romeo lenses out and looked a bigger lens (for obvious reasons) and the same curvature (if you can't tell they are listed on the Oakley website under specs).

  10. xmetalx



    I tried looking on the site but I can't find the specs anywhere. Do you know what the curvature for Romeo1 is by any chance?

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