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I'll start by admitting I'm using an app that for some reason refuses to let me search the forums, thus I will accept any new guy 'duh' barbs needed...

I've got a pair of inmates that have a lot of miles on them from my active duty days - thus they've been bent several times. Had to replace the lenses with the walleva stuff not long ago, which had me get them close to being back in shape - but I still have gaps.

Is there anyone with the ability to reshape these to as close to factory shape as possible? Hoping this is a niche market with a trusted member that can do this.

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First junk the walleva lenses immediately. They fail to fit correctly a lot of times. Then purchase a pair of Fuse + lenses (they have a website or eBay store your choice). The fuse are far superior quality and fit. They also have an option to send your frames into them and they’ll fit them for you.

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