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🦘 Review of the matte Mariener lens


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Updated 1st May, 2021 by @cacatman

Firstly, my sincere apologies to @Marien. If there are factual errors or updates, please let me know and I will update the information. I had promised to do this review a very very long time ago and had totally forgotten about it until @TheDukeOfIce 's thread on Dillons prompted me.

At the time I bought these matte @Marien Mariener lenses, only the Melange frame was being released with the matte lenses. That lens could only be custom cut to fit a Mars pair of sunglasses. They would not fit any other X-metal. I chose red, because that was the only different matte colour from Dillon, that Marien had.

These are not polarised lenses.

The colours they have currently are matte red, matte blue and matte silver lenses. Other colours are being developed.

Since that time, Marien has closed the gap by releasing a more matte lens (apparently "twice" as matte as the first edition) across their range (which I have yet to try), increasing the frame sizes and making a matte goggle lens (which could be used for any sized Oakley but of course, would be a considerably thicker lens)

The O.F. Mariener page is here - 🦘Mariener Lens Info/Owner’s Page

Lens Sizes
Melange - 56 X 42 mm
Makan - 56 X 42 mm
Mellow - 56 X 44 mm
Goggle Lens BC (base curvature) 5.3 - unsure of dimensions, but should suit any oakley sunglass pair

Bottom line
- If you want a matte lens, then for the price, you really can't go past it, if the sizes fit your pair of Oakleys. I think they'd only be able to accomodate the smaller round Oakley pairs e..g mars, madman, latch etc, but the measurements according to @Bonz-1's graphic show they technically should fit Juliet (if hand cut) or penny (possibly can be machine cut, definitely able to be hand cut) (see here 🦘Mariener Lens Info/Owner’s Page)

Any optician can custom cut them to size for you.

They are excellent for slightly overcast -> bright days. There is a bluish grey base tint when looking through the lens. I have used them in snow, desert, on the water (Dead Sea) and cloudless days.

Colouring from the outside is like a deep reddish orange. Darker than fire but only slightly darker than ruby (in lowish light).

The matte look is quite obvious, also.

The lenses themselves are well made and I have yet to scratch them after nearly 2.5 years of use. I probably wear them at least once a week. Mars is my favourite daily wear frame and the way these matte lenses look in bright light is amazing! Check out how many times I've worn them here... Search results for query: mariener

They are a pretty hardy lens and vision through them is very consistent. Specifically, there is no light "streaking" or patches (like in some of the Dillons, especially the blue and gold matte Dillons). I did a layman's vision test and they weren't quite as good as standard Oakleys. See test results here - Layman's Lens Clarity - Dillons vs Oakley vs Mariener (cacatman)

There has been no peeling or deterioration of the lens over the time I've had them. They are about the same thickness as the Mars OEM lens.

I am not against the Dillon lenses (I have all 4 Dillon colours - Which Color Dillons do you prefer in your Oakley frames?), but I really dislike how they have treated a cutter here as well as Oakley buyers. They are allegedly quite difficult to deal with.

On the other hand, one of the best parts of the Mariener company is that you can directly communicate with the founder himself, @Marien. You'll find him a nice guy to deal with and very honest, open and reasonable. He allowed a "bulk buy" to Oakley members here (to save on shipping from the Netherlands) in the past.

Excellent value for money if you want a matte lens
@Marien is an Oakley forum member and a gun with his communication. He is a very helpful dude, and unlike Dillon, ENCOURAGES Oakley customisers to use his lenses!!
Fast shipping (from Holland)

Not quite as matte as Dillon lenses (but version 2 is out which are supposed to be twice as matte)
Limited sizes - No sizes for X-metals except for mars (for sure) and possibly penny and maybe Juliet (if using mellow frame)
Cannot buy "blanks" yet
No 8.6 Base Curvature lenses yet

Disclaimer - I have no business interest in Mariener






Top to bottom - Mars Mariener matte red lens, Gary Scelzi R2 fire iridium, Juliet ruby, X Squared fire iridium

Top to bottom - Mars Mariener matte red, jawbone fire polarised, Juliet ruby, Carbon prime prizm ruby iridium

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