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[Review] Walleva WSG001-BK Sport Sunglasses


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This review of WSG001-BK sunglasses is created by FlashLion Reviews (http://flashlionreviews.blogspot.bg/2015/08/walleva-wsg001-bk-sport-sunglasses.html).

If you want to purchase this model, just click: http://www.walleva.com/index.php?route=product/product&product_id=370&search=wsg001-bk


I am a flashlight reviewer from quite a long time ago,but I am open for reviews on any other interesting devices,too.
In this review,I am taking the opportunity to test and review great sport sunglasses.
The sunglasses are provided by Walleva,which is specialized in manufacturing spare lenses for sunglasses from the biggest brands.
Walleva also produces various models of sport and stylish sunglasses.

I always wear sunglasses when the sun is too strong.I also wear sunglasses when going to fish.
The reviewed below model is the Walleva WSG001-BK.
Sport sunglasses with polarized filter,UV filter,prescription lenses frame and the really great option for attaching the sunglasses to a cap via hat clips.
Price of this model is $10. Let's see what quality we get for the price.

The packaging is great!
A carton box,that was wrapped in a plastic foil,for keeping it closed and clean.
Inside is a nice semi-hard case with a zipper.

Inside-the glasses are inside a soft bag-ideal for more compact carrying.
There is also a great micro-fiber cleaning cloth with the Walleva logo.
I have bought dozens of lens cleaning cloths online,also have some from sunglasses purchases.
The one that comes with the Walleva sunglasses is the best I own. Looks great and most importantly,works great for removing fingerprints!

These are the accessories-
Prescription lenses insert-the frame is small and may not be very comfortable for looking through it.
The two black things are the hat clips,that can be attached after removing the frame arms.

The plastic frame (TR90) feels like a high quality,well formed,without sharp edges,or defects.
Weight 27 grams without the prescription insert.


The lenses on the black model are with the most common grey filtering.
Looking through them is excellent. Colors of the objects are keeping their natural color without over-saturating,or shifting to yellowish,bluish,brownish,or other color. This definitely is my preferred type of lenses.I like to see the nature in its natural look. I bought the reflective blue model later and the lenses are actually yellow when watching through them.

Quality of the lenses(actually they are one whole part) is excellent. For the price,I really did not expected so high quality.
I don't have expensive sunglasses from a big brand,but have bough several from a fishing store and also from optic shop and they all have curved lenses,which is annoying,knowing that they cost me double the price of this Walleva sunglasses.
Maybe the lenses do not have an absolutely perfect form,but looking through them,I have nothing to complain about.
The surface have some reflective coating,but not too much. Sometimes look very reflective,sometimes the eyes can be seen,depending on the coming light position.

The arms have rubber(silicone) pads for stable and comfortable contact with our head.
The pads are removable and can be cleaned,if needed.

The nose pads are made of rubber for better comfort.
There is a metal base inside,which allows adjusting the pads for best fit with our nose.
There is a protective rubber pad on the top of the frame,as well. My only concern is that the rubber sometimes smell and may need some time to stop smelling. My review black frame does not smell,but the blue one,which actually has the same pads,does smell uncomfortably.

Here is the arms detached. This can be done by twisting them counterclockwise and pressing the locking button.

Below is the sunglasses with the hat clips attached. They fit the frame nicely.

The angle of the frame against the hat,can be adjusted on steps,thanks to dents,which also keep the frame tight,without unwanted movement.

Here is the frame attached to one of my hats. I used an old one,because the clips leave signs on the fabric.
So,have it in mind,if you decide to carry the sunglasses in this form.

Here the frame is retracted maximum close to the hat eye shade,allowing to look without the sunglasses and still carrying them and easily using again.
Just have to flip them down.

The sunglasses attached to a hat,in real use. They stay just as supposed to does not look unnatural,in any way.
I could say,wearing the glasses in this way,was quite comfortable,without getting me tired,after few hours.
You know what is to wear sunglasses for a few hours fishing,or other sport activity.
Here,the hat is taking the full weight of the sunglasses and the difference is really noticeable.
The only disadvantage is that is not possible to adjust the cap's hood(vizor),if needed,because the nose pads are still touching the nose.

Series of comparing pictures-with and without the sunglasses.
With sunglasses. According to the specifications,light transmission is 16%.

You can see how much clearer and defined are the clouds,when looking through the polarized lenses.

Here is a test to see how the polarizing filter is affecting the reflection of the water.
The filter works when the lenses are in horizontal position.

Pictures with the sunglasses worn in the basic way with the arms.

Here are all removable parts detached. (Click on the picture to see it in High detailed full resolution.)

In conclusion I can say,the sunglasses are quite good. I got much more than expected for the price.
I really don't have much what to complain about,at this point.In both forms,as a regular sunglasses,or attached to a cap,the sunglasses were very comfortable and did not tired me,at all. The lenses are quite high quality for the price tag.
I found this model very comfortable and bought also the blue version,from the Walleva website.
For $9 with a coupon code,I got another great sunglasses+the same package(the same box,case,bag,accessories).
Delivering time about 7 days with free shipping from US to EU(they ship from US when you buy from the official website). Great!
But actually I did not liked the blue ones,because of the yellow lenses and smelling rubber pads. The yellow lenses would be great for driving and may improve the contrast in the shadows,but they are just not for me. The conventional grey lenses will be my primary.

Thanks for reading!

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I do have a question. I notice this is a "review" in the sense that it looks to be a review by a person who could be a consumer.

We here on the forum are still curious about an true optical test performed on the actual lenses.

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thanks frank. some of the glasses i have don't have any other variants of lens. Seems aftermarket are the only solution. I would prefer OEM, but.. wondering who makes a comparable lens, (polarized for me).

Walleva lenses are $hit. Had a pair, they were thinner than Kate Moss, and looked like $hit. And the fact that they are pushing a product that has nothing to do with Oakleys on an Oakley forum is $hit.

I really don't have much what to complain about,at this point.In both forms,as a regular sunglasses,or attached to a cap,the sunglasses were very comfortable and did not tired me,at all.
How much did you guys pay Boo Radley here to write this masterpiece of American literature?

Walleva lenses are $hit. Had a pair, they were thinner than Kate Moss, and looked like $hit. And the fact that they are pushing a product that has nothing to do with Oakleys on an Oakley forum is $hit.
Except that they sponsor the forum and this is completely within the rules.