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REVO Sunglasses


Oakley Beginner
Rockford IL
HI any here ever try the REVO brand of sunglasses? I was out yesterday looking for Oakley Pit Bulls -no luck- the Sunglasshut guy told me to try out a pair of REVO Stern and they fit great. He said they are made by Oakley, true? Just wondering how well the lens coating hold-up, scratch easy, any info you can give me good or bad is appreciated THANKS.

well true statement that oakley does own REVO now. lens coating is gonna be about the same as any, treat it right and it will last. they will scratch, and personally not a big fan of REVO but there are tons of people who love them. i know that the pit bull will be in the stores next week at least in the o-store i work at it will be. might wanna wait for them if your an oakley freak hahahaha
I do have Oakley Wardens but Im having an aweful time finding a pair of Oakleys that fit me for around $200 & specific purpose-fishing. If they had a pair that made me go ahhh! right when I put them on I wouldnt hesitate to get Oakley.
I want complete coverage around eyes no gaps without too tight fit on temples. The TEN model is close but reports that they slip when sweating keeps me from those. A couple REVO fit great and have the material in stem to hold while sweating. So figure maybe people here try other brands as well as Oakley.
pit bulls would be my suggestion if you like the tens. they have the unobtaium on the sides and will stay on

most guys here live and swear by oakley, i'm one of them its the only thing i'll ever wear
I'll be honest (at the risk of being demoted on account that I'm still new here), REVO does put out some great shades. They've got a slightly more substantial feel than most of the Oakley frames, they're a little bit more in line with Maui Jim products. There aren't as many options for lenses or frame colors but if you find something that fits your specific needs then I'd say go for it. Not only does Oakley play a big part in REVO now but all the Oakley sales reps also carry the REVO line and highly recommend them as well.

Another point about REVO, having A/R on the back side of sun lenses is something I wish Oakley did on all their lenses... makes a huge difference when looking out! Very comfortable. If you've ever had a pair and been able to see the reflection of your own eye in the lens, the AR treatment almost completely blocks that out.