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Road Trip Complete!!!!

So today I made the 806 mile/13 hour roundtrip drive to Shawano, WI for an amazing deal on a Stretchline case. First off let me give huge thanks to @Married92101 for the great deal and offering many great items from his recent "basement" haul. The case is virtually brand new. The steel is in amazing shape with little to no rust anywhere which is fairly common with these cases. He replaced the bulbs, added the proper inserts in the top and had all the rivits on the front polished. Then we got to his recent basement haul items. I was able to acquire a Medicine Cabinet base new in plastic, unmounted 1st Gen Ruby XX twenty lenses with amazing purple hues, Mars & Juliet rubber, numerous boxes for myself and a couple friends making some pairs for all of us complete. Last but definitely not least is a vast assortment of old school Oakley posters. The "Factory Pilot" & "Snakebelly" posters along with a nice assortment or surfing posters and an OTT poster. Let me make everyone aware how gracious and easy it was to deal with Andrew with these purchases. He has a wide assortment of vintage items from the "good ole' days" and everything is pretty much in new, unused condition. Make no hesitations dealing with this new member and let's all welcome him to Forum and thank him for offering these items. Here are some pictures of what I was able to acquire today. Thanks very much Andrew!!!












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