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Discussion in 'Oakley X-Metal Discussion' started by BriP, 10/11/11.

  1. BriP


    Hey guys, anyone know if they make different size nosebombs for the Romeo? (ie a small and a large)..

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  2. Hed568


    as far as i know i think there is only one standard size for it i know the shocks comein either "15" or "25" and there is a third size but i cannot remember what it was

  3. BriP


    yeah theres a 30 and a 50 too i think. okay, but the issue is that i think my nose bombs are different sizes.. HERBSLEY! do you know anything about this?

    i'll post photos when i get my camera out tonight

  4. Streamline


    There are 2 sizes of nosebombs for the romeo. Small and Large, I ended up buying a full set of rubbers off ebay at too high of a price only to find that my local vault has like 10 sets left for like $15 each haha...This was like 2 years ago...good luck, I did find that turning the large ones around backwards but leaving them on the same side makes them a fair ammount smaller...fit my face a lot better.

  5. BriP


    photos? haha thanks

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