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  1. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    Ok R-ONE fans. The poster is ready, I hope you guys get to enjoy it as much as I did making it. You can see it here: Behance or you can see it here: RomeoONE72dpi | Flickr - Photo Sharing!

    Starting Tomorrow, FRIDAY January 16th at 1:00pm Eastern Standard Time, 10:00am Pacific, I will update this thread with my paypal information, and start taking your pms for the R-ONE poster.
    Print numbers will ship in the order I receive the pms to keep it fair. Just to be clear, numbers will be shipped sequentially in the order I receive the pms. (For example, Pm 1 gets print 1, pm 2 gets print 2 and so on.)

    Specs: Poster is printed on archival matte. Size 17 x 22, actual printed size is 15 x 18. A one inch border on top and sides. A 2 inch border will be on the bottom for print number and artists mark.
    Prints are limited to 97.
    NOTE: I am not reserving any numbers for myself. Therefore it is possible to get any number between 1 and 97 depending on when you pm me.
    You guys get first shot, and best price on these, I won't post them anywhere else online for 2 weeks.

    Price will be $49.00 for 1 poster, or $91.00 for 2 posters, shipped anywhere in the US lower 48 paypal friends and family, or add the 4%.
    I will ship outside the US, adjusting price accordingly.

    Please pm me at, or after the correct times listed. I want everyone to get a fair shot on these and I would hate to erase a pm because I got it before the posted hour of availability.
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    Shade Station Oakley Sunglasses

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  2. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    Taking your pms now.

    For those of you wanting to order a R-ONE poster please PM me with:
    How many posters you want:

    Price will be $49.00 for 1 poster, or $91.00 for 2 posters, shipped anywhere in the US lower 48 paypal friends and family, or add the 4%.
    I will ship outside the US, adjusting price accordingly. For those of you outside the lower 48, hold off on payment until I can verify how much extra shipping will be.

    You can make your paypal payments to: josephsenjonj@gmail.com
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  3. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    I'd hate for you fellas to miss out. I'm only going to make 97 of these ever. They are exclusive to the Oakley Forum only for the first two weeks of sale.
  4. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    It's a pretty dope poster and while I don't want one, if I did, I can't get pack your "Patented HSF" "fact'. If you put a real fact/stat in there, I feel like it would drive more sales. I'm speaking for me only and with that said, I swear more in one sentence than most people do in day.
  5. Anonymous

    Anonymous Font of Useless Knowledge

    I agree, a little. I think they're really well done, much better than anything I could put together. But though it doesn't bother me, I just can't hang up the HSF in front of my small kids.

    However, well before this thread sale started, Krank posted a discussion thread about these, asking for feedback. That would have been the appropriate time and place for these sort of comments; at this point it's a finalized product out on the market. Buy, or pass... ;)
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  6. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    Romeo 1 Poster: R-ONE - I_like_where_this_thread_is_going.jpg
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  7. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    Understood brother. HSF really was never meant to be a fact in the sense of "scientific fact". Rather HSF is the acronym for Holy S*** Factor.
    I forget where I found this, likely here on the OF, or some other Oakley fan site. But in any case here a list of acronyms often recited in Oakley topics and marketing.
    If you scroll down, you will find HSF.

    Ever find yourself confused with all the terms Oakley uses? Well, he's a quick guide to get you on your feet.


    Number used commonly in Oakley promotions. Believed to be the mean time of day, when the sun's light is strongest, (Ideal time of day for sunglass protection) as well as the time at night the first commercial aired. However the number in actuality was pulled at random. One of the few elements with no true story...ironically still making it unique.


    (American National Standards Institute) The 3rd party standard of impact protection and clarity that Oakley lenses exceed.

    ANSI Z 80.3

    Current standard for most Oakley Plutonite lenses. Considered a 'downgrade' by some (ok, many) this standard is not as "strong" as the ANSI Z87.1 standard. Per Oakley "Optimal precision and impact resistance that meet or exceed ANSI Z80.3 optical and basic impact standards" - this now applies to most Oakley eyewear current and moving forward except where explicitly noted for sports, shooting, etc...


    Adaptable Payload


    The sculpted head used to model pairs of eye-wear. Variants: Audio Bob, Shadow Head.


    Build To Order


    5 metals fused to make lightweight strong alloy. Mainly Aluminum, used on wire frames.

    Foothill Ranch

    Location of Oakley Headquarters near Irvine, CA. - 1 Icon, Foothill Ranch, CAGoogle Maps


    The ellipse logo used as Oakley's main form of identification.


    Metal oxides fused to the lens at the molecular level, Reduces glare, tunes transmission, and provides a mirror finish.


    High Definition Optics


    The extended earstems found exclusively on Zeros. Designed to add even more flex for comfort and fit.


    FULL METAL JACKET, Metal oxide frame coating

    G20, G30, G40

    G = Golf. The lenses that helps separate the golf ball from the green turf. The numbers designate the light transmission rate. G26 is part of this group, but is a very specialized Shooting lens, which was later replaced by the TR## range. At the time, it was lumped in for no better place to put it.


    The thin Straight earstems found on Mumbos and 1st gen M Frames. Always relied on flexing, for comfort and fit. The 'Hammer' terminology came from the fact that the original straight stems had to be 'hammered' into their new bend form right before production (a last minute change of idea), pushing the release date back two months.


    Found on 2nd gen M Frames. Extended earstems comfortably accommodate any head size without touching your temples.


    Holy S*** Factor


    Mr. Potato Head, glasses that are re-release using leftover parts. Often in Vaults and with old Rx frames, but sometimes with poor selling models. The older term was 'Vault Exclusive'.


    Original M Frame, came in 3 colorways.


    Mostly Aluminum alloy to create a high strength, light-weight frame metal.

    O Matter

    Special high strength, low weight plastic used in most Oakley frames.

    O Metal

    Springy metal used on some Wire frames.


    "Oil-resistant", for lack of a more detailed definition. Often used by Oakley in addition to the term 'Hydrophobic", indicating the surface (usually lenses, but could be apparel or other items), is resistant to oils in addition to water.


    Oakley Premium Dealer


    LENS MATERIAL - polycarbonate, 100% UV A,B,C & harmful blue light protection.

    Polaric Ellipsoid

    Single lens (Goggles, Dartboard etc) shape in a toric configuration with two focal points (presumably each eye) forming the shield.


    Method of filtering out certain angles of light-waves responsible for glare.


    Prescription eyewear.


    Spinning Blade of Death


    Standard Issue


    Glasses or products either specially designed or endorsed by an individual. Products usually carry their signature.

    Thermonuclear Protection

    Protection from the biggest thermonuclear generator in sight- the sun.

    Three Point Fit

    Unobtainium earsocks on hammer earstems and nosepieces create a comfortable Three point fit, regardless of head shape or size.

    TR22, TR45

    TR = Target Red. A lens used like the G26 option for shooting. The intended use, Target, is combined with the Red designation in the same way it's used in the VR names lenses. The numbers designate the light transmission rate.


    The curved ear pieces on the Blade Systems


    HYDROPHILIC RUBBER, Absorbs Moisture ( Grips, Earsocks Etc)

    Virgin Serilium

    Original O Matter frames. Ultra light, bamboo tumbled to give them there unique silkiness.

    VR28, VR50, etc...

    VR = Vermillion Red. Vermillion is a common dye name, with Red as a variant of the traditional color. The numbers designate the light transmission rate.


    Five metal compounds combined together at 3000 degrees to form a 3-D hypoallergenic sculpted alloy frame. Mainly Titanium.

    XYZ Optics

    Lens corrected on 3 axis to create perfect optics with zero distortion.
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  8. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    Hey Kronin, I don't mind changing a few letters on the poster to make it more family friendly. If I worded S*** this way or simply **** would that be a good compromise? Let me know.
  9. Anonymous

    Anonymous Font of Useless Knowledge

    That's from the o-review "terminology" page:

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  10. Anonymous

    Anonymous Font of Useless Knowledge

    Well I think what you've got already is the way to go, uncensored. I know when I buy music I don't go for the Walmart "clean" versions but the full-on stuff as the artist intended. And whether it's here or the 'bay I'm sure you'll eventually get through selling them all - there should be a large customer base who don't have to worry about kids seeing it (or don't care). It just may take some time and product placement. Which is why I kept that observation to myself previously.

    But, if you were to release a "clean" version, perhaps unnumbered to avoid confusion, I would suggest just the HSF without any explanation. Bleeping the wirty dord can still draw questions from kids and frowns from kid-party-guest parents, and when they get a little older they'll figure out what it means on their own.

    But just an unexplained acronym becomes an inside joke, and any number of alternate explanations can be given to "protect the innocent"... ;)