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I've just bought my first pair of x-metals! They're on their way to me, as are two new pairs of lenses but it's become apparent that ear socks are impossible to come by. I'm curious as to whether or not any other Oakley ear socks are compatible with the Romeo 2.0s, so if any of you are able to shed some light on the matter it'd be hugely appreciated!

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I have some oem sets but you need a few more Posts before you have access to forum and I can sell to you!


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Very nice! Are the new lenses OEM?
Unfortunately not! They're revant ones. The walleva ones didn't fit so they're sending some more, and I haven't received the revant ones yet! I haven't even received the shades yet though :( had to try the walleva lenses in a pair of R2s at my local dealer to make sure they fit correctly etc

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