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  1. ucdavis4PT0gpa

    ucdavis4PT0gpa Oakley Expert

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    Since I will have a pair of these coming in this week (thanks to a member here) I wanted to get some opinions. Nothing specific...just if you like, how much, what you like...wearability, its place and legacy in the X Metal line/Oakley in general.

    I'm excited as this is the one pair of X Metals (and Oakley's in general) I've never actually worn or own(ed) (outside of the Penny...WAY too small).
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  2. Oakley_Sight

    Oakley_Sight Gotta love a good DOG

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    Not keen on the style of them, nothing on the Romeo 1's, but then again no other frame that Oakley have ever produced has been or, IMO, will be. Still a nice pair to have in your coolection & wear though. Hope you enjoy them
  3. BriP

    BriP X-Metalhead

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    Yeah i think the only 2 issues i have with it is the design -not a fan of that pointy-templed, half frame.. :S

    and secondly, it just doesnt live up to the Romeo name.. the romeo1 was big shoes to fill
  4. xmetalmaniac

    xmetalmaniac Made of Metal Premium Member Lifetime Member

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    I owned 3 pairs and recently sold one to a member. I always enjoyed wearing them and don't have any complaints. With any pair of Oakleys you buy, each person will have an opinion about them depending on the fit, feel, coverage, style. I believe its based solely on personal like or dislike. There are some frames I can't wear, yet I own them just to be part of my collection. I have parted with a few for trades, or to get a pair I really wanted. Enjoy!!!