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Romeo 2 Lenses are NOW AVAILABLE from Fuse Lenses in Florida!

You guys saw my first color combo, XM and "Jade-ish"... I still have 2 other R2 frames to fill... a carbon, and a polished that is on the way. The lenses I have are Cascade (like a light OEM Ruby or old-school OEM Fire), Glacier (like OEM Sapphire, blue with slightly purple edges), and Chrome (pretty close to OEM Chrome).

Does anyone have a suggestion of what lens they'd like in a specific frame? I was thinking the "ruby/fire" in the Carbon frame, and the chrome in the polished frame... but then the next day I think about getting the blue lenses in there somewhere? :headbang:

After some discussions with veteran members of the OF, and observing the (former) current offerings in aftermarket lenses, I realized that we needed a better option for Romeo 2 replacement lenses.

OEM Romeo 2 lenses are getting more and more difficult to find, especially in mint/new condition. As far as aftermarket goes, you could (formerly) buy cheap triacetate lenses from Walleva, Revant, or other Asian no-name brands on Amazon/eBay. I tried all of these options; every pair I tried was either garbage quality and/or was not even close to fitting. Linegear makes Romeo 2 lenses that fit, but the prices and shipping costs are prohibitive. The cheapest non-polarized Linegear lens you can buy for the Romeo 2 is $84 including shipping to the US. Now, you can get quality polycarbonate lenses for your Romeo 2 for less than a third of that price, and quality polarized polycarbonate lenses for less than half of that price.

I spoke to both Doug at Ikon Lenses and Brandon at Fuse Lenses. Both were willing to try to make quality, good-fitting lenses for the Romeo 2, and both companies make really nice lenses! I couldn't send my frame to both, so I decided to go with Brandon and Fuse Lenses. Why? 2 reasons:

1) Ikon Lenses, while REALLY nice, can sometimes be (believe it or not) too thick for Oakley frames. I've measured several Ikon lenses to be thicker than 1.8mm, some as much as 2mm thick, which could be a problem with respect to fitting the Romeo 2 frame.

2) Fuse Lenses has excellent quality, customer service, and turnaround time. Also the base curve on the Fuse Romeo 2 lenses is 8, which is pretty close to the OEM 8.75. I can't tell the difference.

This is not a knock on Ikon Lenses - they may have been able to make quality Romeo 2 lenses, but I had to make a choice. Maybe someone else on the forum would be willing to send their frame to Ikon to see what lenses they could come up with? I've already done my part :cool:

Here is a video Brandon at Fuse made, memorializing the development of the Romeo 2 lens. It's on Instagram, so if you may or may not be able to view it.

Romeo 2 Lens Development at Fuse Lenses in Florida

Here is a shot of showing OEM Black Iridium lenses (top) and Fuse "Sapphire" polarized lenses (bottom). Fuse Sapphire looks like something in between Oakley Jade and G26, in my opinion.

View attachment 959299

Here's another shot of the lenses, recently posted in the WOAYWT thread.

View attachment 959300

Brandon even made a video showing a unique method for installing Romeo 2 lenses. This video is not online, but if you send me your email address, I can send you the short video. For lens removal, I recommend removing the lens screw with a T5 screwdriver, then slipping the lenses out. Then gently screw in the lens screw, making sure the "donut" shaped gasket in around the screw, inside the lens channel in the frame. Then follow Brandon's method for installing, which is basically inserting the temple side first, then "popping" in the nasal side second.

If anyone has scratched up OEM lenses, or poorly fitting aftermarket lenses, I encourage you to give Fuse a try.
Looks great.

Here are my R2 with fresh lenses. All lenses are Fuse Polarized polycarbonate with inner AR coating. Top is Chrome, middle is Cascade (in between Fire and Ruby, so very much like Fruby), and bottom is [what Fuse confusingly calls] "Sapphire" which is not like Oakley Sapphire, but in between Jade and G26.


Sorry man! Missed your message.

I’m currently looking for lens screws…lost them! So I need to find the screw before I can install the lenses. Huge bummer

I don't know where to get those screws... just checked OXM, and they are not available. Maybe create a new thread in the X-Metal section, stating that you want to buy a pair of Romeo 2 lens screws???

The other option is... to try a couple pairs of generic lenses, like Walleva brand, because another member told me that they shape of the Walleva lens snaps into place, and doesn't require the lens screws. If you can't find replacement screws, it's better than nothing :idk:

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