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Romeo 2 - SECOND Time Im Seeing This For Sale!

ebay item # 110769204604

its so cheap, the last time it went for $89 by the same person, someone bid on it, the deal probably fell thru cos he didnt see the "bank deposit only' clause.. ARGH. so tempting.

guys help.
I'm starting to think I should pass on the Romeo 2. Just not sure how those would look on me. Same with the Mars. I'm pretty sure they'd look ridonkulous on my face. The Romeo one I'm still on the fence about.
Ebay does not allow bank transfers unless you buying something like a car or boat-its against the rules
Just a bit of info....First..... Oakley didn't make an X Metal/Fire combo. They did make a carbon/fire combo which was the Gary Scelzi Signature Lens Edition. Second..... Those are not Gary Scelzi signature lenses. Third.....Oakley didn't make a plain fire lens for the Romeo 2. Forth......The lenses clearly look aftermarket because the ends closest to the stem is not sitting correctly which is a tell tale sign of aftermarket lens use.....
I can not comment on the authenticity of that pair but Oakley did put out non engraved fire lenses. It was offered as part of their custom program with the Romeo 2 was a part of it. Emerald, Ruby, and Ice were also offered. I got my ruby pair from the custom program.
I don't doubt you......Things amaze me everyday, lol... Thanks for letting me know.....Unless it was done for a short time, I can't recall that in OCP, but again anything is possible!!!! I will say that the lens doesn't look like its sitting in the frame properly. The lenses look a bit wider from top to bottom.... I have a few pairs of Romeo 2's, and I have 3 pairs of aftermarket lenses. This was an issue I experienced when installing them....I would ask the seller for closer pix of the lens end near the stem...

Thanks for sharing the info!!!!!!
Unless it was done for a short time, I can't recall that in OCP, but again anything is possible!!!!

I would not say it was for a short time but it was not for a long time either. It was on OCP for less than the Half X that is for sure. I wanted and Polished/Emerald combo as well as my Xmetal/Ruby combo but it was off the books by the time I was ready to buy.

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