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Round 3 - Batwolf Vs Fuel Cell

Round 3 - Batwolf vs Fuel Cell

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Pronounced, "Spliced"
Los Angeles, CA
This week's poll we'll pit the Batwolf vs. the Fuel Cell.

Both are great frames. Very similar to each other, but different enough to warrant a match up!



Pick your favorite!
Batwolfs just dont seem to have caught the eye of the people that make all the cool graphically pleasing oakleys..
Because in the fuel cell we have the canvas, taca, jupiter camo and so on..
i think we will get some special editions soon and i like the point, that i can change the icons so easy!
This was really a tough choice. I like both, but the Batwolf has a much better fit overall thanks to the larger base curve. The Fuel Cell's are still very nice though.
Fuel Cell, hands down, at least for me. I'm not too keen on shield lenses (exception made for the Radar).

If only the Fuel Cell had interchangeable icons...
fuel cell ftw

i went with fuel cell because i loved my matte white/chrome iridium science fuel cells..... and also i've heard the batwolf is a little bit smaller frame which would not fit me well....

and imo the fuel cell looks nicer, for a shield lens i like oil rigs....
Fuel Cell! Much more interesting frame options as Peeza said. Interchangeable icons are pretty sweet though.