Hi O fam, i really like the look of ruby vr50 photochromic, want to buy one in the jawbone, but the seller has infrared frame instead of echelon frame. So, my question is how will the combo look? I never had jawbone in my collection, so it will be my first pair in my collection. If any jawbone/new racing jacket collectors here (there are many i know) please share some info about the frame, and also the lens( if you have). Thank you.

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To me it’s similar to Ruby Clear.
It’s a low light lens. Some would say it’s completely impractical.

I love it just for its weirdness
Just watched your thread of ruby clear...the lens looks fantastic..is ruby vr50 similar to ruby clear? I think ruby vr50 looks like ruby clear when deactivated when exposed to UV light it turns to dark ruby colour just like the pic I attached below.
images - 2019-03-24T103712.559.jpeg


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Yeah - although I can’t say mine ever turned that dark red. Of course all the Iridium coating seems to vary a bit.

I’ve got two lenses and one is a bit more orange than the other.

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