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Discussion in 'Oakley Sunglasses Discussion' started by Rustpot, 12/31/16.

By Rustpot on 12/31/16 at 4:51 PM
  1. Rustpot


    Another round of reviews for a new pair in my collection - the somewhat elusive Wind Jacket 2.0. To say this had a botched released is a bit of an understatement. It's been out for a while, but retail and online availability has been hit-or-miss, erring toward the miss. I ended up with a pair from Oakley.com during the end of the last Freinds and Family run. I was hoping for the black pair, but selection was limited to the green or orange (both of which are now gone and only black with two lens options are on the website as of right now). O-Review shows 6 released colorways with 80's green, Neon Retina, Neon Orange Red, Matte White, and Matte Black frames, all with black stems. Lenses so far are all Prizm Snow goggle variety with Torch, Black, Jade, and Sapphire options.

    The most pleasing aspect right out of the box is that this pair comes with options.

    Two nosebomb sizes, which thankfully appear to be shared with the Radar line for easy replacements. Most noticeably, however, the WJ sits MUCH wider at the nose. My pair came installed with the large nosebombs and the pair felt too perched on my face. A swap to the slimmer set and I have what is likely the best fitting nose profile to my face of any pair Oakley has produced. The frame still sits up off my cheeks, but feels extremely planted thanks to the wide stance on the nose.
    Rustpot Reviews It : Wind Jacket 2.0 - 398709bd52df777fc04f9329d4a33506.jpg

    That last statement brings up an interesting argument, however. With the name Wind Jacket 2.0 and considering the original Wind Jacket was a pair designed to seal to the face like a goggle in sunglasses form, the 2.0 is extremely free-flowing. So let's stop right there. This is not a Wind Jacket 2.0, but an Eyeshade 2.0 with the wrong name. You know it, I know it, I'm sure Oakley knows it, but they pressed on anyway.
    Rustpot Reviews It : Wind Jacket 2.0 - faa5e0db3e58263dab31d30e5ea6d260.jpg

    Second is the ability to add a strap. A welcome addition, as the pair lacks earsocks or wrap. They fit secure enough for a pair of leisure shades, but that strap will likely be a necessity if the pair is to be used with any kind of activity. If you're a small person the strap may provide enough adjustment to wear over a hat or other winter gear, but a big head like mine with the strap pretty much all the way out is enough to add a little bit of snugness and security to keep the pair cemented in place on just the bare cranium.
    Rustpot Reviews It : Wind Jacket 2.0 - a8ed20bc4c88c5277f1d48f401837ce9.jpg

    That fit, however, can be comfortable when tight thanks to the foam strip on the brow of the frame. A foam strip which is, lovingly, easily removed. With the lens out the strip can be easily popped free, and is secured in the frame by acting as part of the lens channel. The lens can be installed with the foam removed, but I'm not as much of a fan of the pair in this configuration. The brow foam is quite comfortable and helps the pair feel anchored to the face, especially when used with the strap.
    Rustpot Reviews It : Wind Jacket 2.0 - c614ceab7c6baac1cd2990da6a5bf55a.jpg
    Rustpot Reviews It : Wind Jacket 2.0 - 44a3ee88b301a5321efb6922d1a8549a.jpg
    Rustpot Reviews It : Wind Jacket 2.0 - 9edccd7736466056d8081ceac791f24e.jpg

    I do genuinely hope parts support is offered and the brow strips along with lenses are sold individually.

    Speaking of lenses, the lens fitment on the sides of the frame is actually open, rather than fully enclosed, which begs the question as to whether this is intended for venting, or loose tolerance to aid in lens swaps. Which also reinforces the fact that it's an Eyeshade. I say that because the lens removal and installation is extremely simple and easily accomplished. The new flimsy nanOmatter frame material easily pulls away from the bottom of the orbital and the lens simply slides out of the brow ridge of the frame. To install, simply stick the lens in the top, and set the lens in the lower orbital channel. A little force and the lens aligns and everything clicks into place. A quick wiper for fingerprints (pretty much unavoidable) and you're off and running.
    Rustpot Reviews It : Wind Jacket 2.0 - 1892a901ddcd997cb4d3044652a04a9c.jpg

    This could be my only complaint - the lens is almost TOO easy to get out of the frame. I don't see these staying in one piece if you take a spill and the frame sees any abuse.

    Final verdict? A nicely styled pair that adds a layer of function not found elsewhere in Oakley's product catalog. A modernization of the Eyeshade with added function that is confused about its identity as an actual snow goggle. Long term success is a possibility, but Oakley needs to pull their head out of the sand and see the potential across a wide range of sports. With the strap system these can easily be a Water Jacket or Racing Jacket Goggle. Coverage is fantastic, comfort (for me at least) is almost plush. They're not priced out of reach, I feel that parts support and cross-sport marketing could open real potential. Does the job of the Jawbreaker in a simpler, sleeker, more versatile package without the clunky, front-heavy drawbacks and smaller coverage of the Jawbreaker.

    Rustpot Reviews It : Wind Jacket 2.0 - b7adcd529baac39316085dfdd9bf60d5.jpg
    Rustpot Reviews It : Wind Jacket 2.0 - fe9cd6db368505fcd29b8a035f63ecfd.jpg
    Last edited: 12/31/16

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Discussion in 'Oakley Sunglasses Discussion' started by Rustpot, 12/31/16.

    1. Sun & Sand

      Sun & Sand Premium Member Lifetime Member

      Thanks for the review! I have not been able to see these in person anywhere, not even Oakley Stores. Your photo showing the size comparison with a Jawbone is eye-opening!
      One question: in the third paragraph where you're talking about nosebomb sizes, your review seems to compare the nosebomb size with that of a Radar, but does the photo below that paragraph show the Wind Jacket nosebombs compared to a Radar or compared to the Eyeshade shown in the next photo?
      Rustpot likes this.

    2. Rustpot


      The nosebombs are from the Radar, the photo shows a Radar XL with a large nosepad and the WJ2.0 with the slim set. I believe the 30-years Eyeshade release uses the same nosebomb.

      I haven't tried swapping nosebombs, but given hose close they appear to be I would think Oakley would be using parts-bin design features to reduce cost and the need to tool up for different rubber sets. Using one design across multiple pairs makes it easier for the manufacturer and consumer (as long as they work, which I think they do).
      motoGP_fanatic and Sun & Sand like this.

    3. OakleyFrankFMJ

      OakleyFrankFMJ Premium Member Lifetime Member

      So agree on the Eyeshade 2.0
      Rustpot, Sun & Sand and Rollbar like this.

    4. cacatman

      cacatman Premium Member Lifetime Member

      Thanks. That was an excellent review! Especially about the "over"ease of lens removal.
      Rustpot and Sun & Sand like this.

    5. Ventruck


      Review echoes what I read on the other site; particularly the lens removal/retention and security of the frame without the strap. However I can't really stick to drawing conclusions entirely because I have yet to hear how anyone likes these for snow sports as marketed. The other take was in a cycling context and there's obvious cues that should yield low expectations for that as well as some other disciplines.

      I can give Oakley the benefit of the doubt that the plan was to try the market again with "snow sunglasses" regardless of name assignment, but indeed there was a bit of a lost opportunity to market it for other potential suits such as water sports.
      Rustpot likes this.

    6. doowahditty


      This is a great review and I commend you on your time spent on it!
      Rustpot, Sun & Sand and flyer like this.

    7. Wavecloud

      Wavecloud Premium Member


      Of course the new Eyeshade!

      I've bought three pairs so far. They can be grabbed for around £80-100 so I intend on getting more soon.

      I used my first pair on an all day paddle in 30c and not a single drop of sweat got on the lens! The Prizm Snow works really well in the water too!

      These are seriously sweet imo - a throwback to the good'ol days.

      Great review btw @Rustpot :)
      Rustpot and Sun & Sand like this.

    8. Sun & Sand

      Sun & Sand Premium Member Lifetime Member

      An "all day paddle" sounds like a great application for the Wind Jacket 2.0!
      Where I live I often see tourists enjoying a long, slow paddle in calm waters in a kayak or SUP -- that seems like an ideal time to wear these glasses.
      I wonder whether Oakley will ever try to market them that way?
      Wavecloud likes this.

    9. Rustpot


      I haven't been over to O-Review to see what was being said. I have had the lower orbital come unseated when manipulating the glasses by the temple, so I stick to pinching the orbital between the brow and droop of the teardrop to keep it together when pulling it on or off.

      I would think they'd be great for cycling. Sharing a pedigree with the Eyeshade and being a very open, flowing pair. They may sit too tall for people with today's helmets, though. Since the Radar line until the EV, we had almost a decade of all the sports pairs being VERY low-brow (in terms of sizing and fit, not culture or taste). The XL and EV pairs only match or slightly exceed the M Frame in terms of height-over-nose.

      If I was into any winter sports or had some toys like an ATV or Snowmobile I'd give them a fair shakedown, but with the timing I've had them and how much time I've spent traveling I have only worn them when running errands and doing some light work in the yard with shoveling and running the burn barrel.
      Ventruck likes this.

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