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  1. Tunney Prime

    Tunney Prime Oakley Beginner

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    So, I just dropped off my Juliets at a Lenscrafters to have prescription lenses put in. The fee i was expecting was $275, which was quoted by a lenscrafters rep a few weeks ago, and also on framesdirect.com. The lenses i requested were Black Iridium, non-polarized, single-vision. The rep today said that it would be $400, which included a "store service fee" for mirror and anti-reflective treatment. I explained that black iridium was already "mirrored" and showed her the framesdirect quote. after looking at it, she took the fee off, so I ended up paying $275. Has this happened to anyone else? I called oakley afterwards to make sure I'm not going to end up with some non iridium lenses, and they said as long as it said black iridium, that's what I'd get. Has anyone else had a similar experience?
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  2. BriP

    BriP X-Metalhead

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    what a ripoff.
  3. demitri.prometheus

    demitri.prometheus Oakley Beginner

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    That's what's scary with Oakley RX lenses, every other dealer knows different things. I am pretty sure they aren't consistent all over the board. And I am also pretty sure that not all dealers know the particular Oakley terms, Iridium for one. :p It's a whole lot of things to juggle. I know quite a bit of Oakley stuff and it was still a bit much for me to look at all the information on the pricing table shown to me. (I might juts take a photo of that damn thing next time so I can share it, heck Oakley HQ doesn't seem to wanna give it out and I dunno why!)

    If I would have some Oakley RX lenses made, I would go directly to an O-Store since they offer the service (at least the one I went to, not sure if all O-Stores offer it). There might be cheaper routes like FramesDirect.com or other online sites that are possibly legit but it's such a big gamble to not know if you'd get things the right way. O-Stores should have no excuse if they give you the wrong thing since it's direct from them.

    FYI: Oakley RX lenses start from $225 clear (I believe these are the newest ones with Stealth A/R coatings, etc), all the way to $350 for Iridium-coated polarized. (These are single vision, progressive gets way higher, I would guess between $400 to $600)

    Do let us know how your lenses turn out when you get them. :)
  4. stephie

    stephie Oakley Beginner

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    That's interesting as lensCrafters, oakley and sunglasses hut, here in Canada, are all owned by the same company. I asked at the local oakley store and they said if I wanted prescription oakleys, and bought an entire package at lenscrafters, they have to use oakley lenses.

    Sounds like they were trying to make the biggest buck possible off you...
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