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Discussion in 'Oakley Sunglasses Discussion' started by kelticdog, 2/25/16.

  1. kelticdog


    For many years now I've worn various Maui Jim Rose sunglasses but this time around I decided to try Oakley. Looking on Oakley's website and trying a few styles over the past few weeks I decided on Conductor 6's with Daily Prizm lenses which I absolutely fell in love with when I tried them briefly but I need them in prescription. I emailed Oakley to see if they were available in Rx but was told I had to talk to a retailer. So I did a bit of research online, read that the Rx Prizm's had recently been released so thought I was good only to find out after ordering yesterday that the Daily Polarized are not available in Rx (yet?).

    Since then I've been trying figure out what to do. After delving in to all Oakley's different lenses, aside from the Daily Prizm's, the two that intrigue me the most are the Prizm Road and OO Black Iridium Polarized but my local retailer doesn't have examples of either so I'm left with a bit of a dilemma.

    From what I've read it seems like I would like the Prizm Road sounds but I'm a bit worried about the lack of polarization, the slightly higher light transmission and that it wouldn't work well for everyday use.

    The OO Black Iridium Polarized being a higher contrast rose based lens seems like it would something I would like but I worry about the lower amount light transmission than I'm used to and that it won't have the clarity I so liked in the Daily Prizm Polarized.

    The other option is to get a refund and wait to when or if Oakley releases a prescription version of the Daily Prizm Polarized. I've been poking around but can't seem to get much info. A service rep at Oakley Canada said they had no idea when or if they would ever be available. Then I noticed on the US website that the page with the new Mainlink Daily Prizm Polarized lists Rx as an option so I phoned the US number and the service rep said he thought they were available for Rx yet I can't seem to find any other info confirming it.

    Sorry for the long post. I thought it best to give some background though. So does anyone have any suggestions or any thoughts on if or when the Daily Prizm Polarized will be available for Rx? Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
    Last edited: 2/25/16
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  2. Ventruck


    I'd say Prizm Road has a very dedicated purpose. Could be flexed for driving, but that's about it. Makes zero sense for anything else — coming from someone who loves the lens.

  3. kelticdog


    Thanks Ventruck, that's kind of what I expected but thought it was worth verifying with members who've had more experience with the Road's.

    Has there been any word or rumours on if or when the Daily Prizm's will be available in Rx?

    By chance would anyone have a comparison of the OO Black Iridium Polarized and the Daily Prizm Polarized?

  4. joe jones

    joe jones

    im interested in the black iridium too, ive had many suncloud and rose lens glasses, but my jawbone gray/black iridiums do justice for all color identification, and kind of have me questioning which I favor, I still have some old clouds, but 4 newer pais of oakleys, with vision degrading, im in your boat looking to rx re-lens and the rx options are pricey, im thinking black iridium for my jawbones now to keep them the way ive enjoyed them, my x-metals are red iridium, ill wait on those to see how I like the j-bones. is there a good recommendation for shopping rx lenses? some of the contacts ive made are re-lensing with generics.

  5. Gecko

    Gecko Premium Member

    I use oo bip rx in my pit bosses and a set for spkit jackets. I love them.

  6. djhyper66


    OO black iridium polarized you can't see your eye balls. Daily prizm you can kind of see eye balls thru the lens when it's bright and sunny. I own OO black iridium polarized in my pitboss2 and I have daily prizm in 5 other pairs, daily prizm is more relaxing on my eyes and I use them more .
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  7. kelticdog


    Thanks for all the replies. I ended up going with the OO Black Iridium Polarized. I do like that they are more mirrored than the Daily Prizm Polarized and I figured if I waited the Daily Prizm's wouldn't be available till next year. Of course now that I've gone with the OO's I fully expect the Daily Prizm's will be released within the month. :p

  8. OakGod81


    the prizm road work just fine as my daily wear pair, not a problem transitioning from my Rx vr28 monster pups to these prizm road, actually I like these prizm road better. Just my opinion

    Rx - Prizm Road vs. OO Black Iridium Polarized vs. Daily Prizm - image.jpeg
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  9. kelticdog


    Those are really nice looking with the Prizm Road lens and it's good to know they may be fine for everyday use. If I had been able to try them I might have gone that route but not knowing how much a difference the lack of polarization and increased light transmission would make I felt like the OO's were the safer bet this time around. I expect when I'm ready for my next pair the Prizm lenses will likely be more readily available with possibly more options as well.
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  10. NoFair


    OO BIP is a great lens so you should be happy with your choice:cool:

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