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MMM indeed.

We like rice in our burritos and know the distinct sound of Cowbell.

We are planning a meet in the NorCal area and want to see members and/or other O-enthusiasts meet up and bring some of their favorite pieces and stories along with them!

I am planning on bringing some swappable items and maybe some parts from my xmetal/omatter graveyard.

I want to get some interest going for anyone in Sacramento Area and or are planning to be around.

If we get enough interest we can ask the local O-store for support and maybe we can have a mini collector event there.

Details to follow but please tag People you know are in the area or would get lost in our neck of the woods.

@DeepWaterVortex @xmetal40 @ucdavis4PT0gpa

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The Big Shield King
I need to go out west, but unless it is several months out, I'm out. Thank you for even thinking of me.
Sorry meeting @QLR1 in Atlanta next month. No more traveling for awhile

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Don't blame me. :rofl:

I feel your pain.

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