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Scummy eBay Seller - Phenomajon


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The red flag went up when this clown missed out on one of my auctions and tried to get me to cancel the other buyer's order and sell it to him.

Well, he eventually did buy something from me, and I just saw that he relisted it for double what he bought it for and used my listing pics (that's how I recognized it.)

I called him out on it and his response was "lol read you eBay user agreement! 🤣🤣💯🙌"

He technically didn't do anything wrong, but that's a bit shady, so beware of this guy.

Username: 'Phenomajon' out of York, PA

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Link so we can be nosey? :blush:

I had a girl laugh at me one time after she bought some mag 4's "because they were worth $250" and she did not even wait until I shipped it! Thing is that was well over 5 years ago when they were worth at best $150 with a box and this one was trashed. I mailed it and congratulated her 😄


"Oakley Expert"
Attached pic is my listing.

Link is his.