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Buying Searching for a couple Artist Series Pairs and some 2009 Holiday stuff.

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Well... for those of you that remember me.... I'm Back! Trying to get back into the game. Going for a second complete Artist series (Minus the Petterson Frogs for the second set, for now!). Also, a second 2009 Holiday Oil Rig set w/banner.

Need to track down these Artist Series sets:

Naomi South Eternal (purchased)
Mambo Antix (purchased)
Stanley Donwood Jupiter (purchased)
Robert Williams Dispatch (purchased)
C100 Jupiter (purchased)

Looking for these Holiday pieces:

24-187 - Frost Blue w/ Silver History Text w Chrome Iridium
24-189 - Matte Clear with Ice Iridium (purchased)

Holiday Display Banner (Showed the 3 Holiday Oil Rigs, the Splice Snow goggle and a Minute Machine. Text said "Cool Gifts" in the center.

One last piece I am looking for. The Oakley Five Crankcase, with bag and shirt if possible.

Looking for serious sellers not scam artists. I won't pay "ebay" dreamer prices. I already own one complete collection of each, so I don't "need" them. I am, however, looking for as close to new (or new) that is out there, no missing pieces of the set. Boxes, Bags, Art Card, and any extras that came with the set originally.

There are plenty of the C100 Jupiter available on ebay for realistic pricing but figured I would add that easy pair into the list in case someone was looking to sell, would rather give another O-member the sale.

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I have a frost blue oil rig

I'll PM you now

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@saltparrot Mark Southwell set is not complete, it is missing Bag and Art Card.

For reference, this is what the banner looks like that I am talking about.

Holiday Edition Banner.JPG

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I know someone who may be selling their RW dispatch.
EDIT: He sold it

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Got the C100 Jupiter, Stanley Donwood Jupiter, Mambo Antix and Matte Clear with Ice.

Still looking for a Naomi South Eternal and a Robert Williams Dispatch!! @sisson16 still have your RW for sale?

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