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Secret Santa Exchange Sign Up Thread


Double Team
Premium Member
Portland, OR
2011 Oakley Forum Secret Santa sunglass exchange

Here's how it works. If you would like to participate in this anonymous exchange, this is how it will work.

1) Don't post in this thread (unless you aren't signing up)
2) To sign up, PM me. We will collect addresses after we get the full list.
3) Open to sign up until 11/18/2011
4) Sunglasses must be valued around $100-$150 (we are all a good judge of this so please be fair)
5) Sunglasses must be in good condition (again, we are all collectors and know what this means)
6) Once names and addresses are collected another member and I will mix them up and randomly draw
7) Members will be PM'd with the address they are sending their glasses to
8) If there are international members, we will match you up with another international member
9) If there are female members, we will match you up with another female member (to allow like to like style matching)
10) From there once everyone receives their glasses we will have a reveal thread to show what everyone got!

This should be a lot of fun! I hope we get a dozen people or more to sign up!
Its a great idea I would sign up for.....if it wasn't for the fact my lowest value piece in the collection was worth $250. Well...and every piece being discontinued or one of a kind. I also think more people would jump in if we could do match ups between people with potentially equal taste..so maybe have each person submit style likes in the price range (like...Monster Dog, Straight Jacket, Batwolf, Flak Jacket etc vs. Scalpel, Pit Bull, Probation etc)
Should we have people throw in suggestions of their like for general styles and then match people based on that?

The only problem is that say I match 2 people up that like Fuel Cells but only one person has a Fuel Cell they could actually trade or give.
I'm thinking generally....not model for model...I'm thinking if someone likes a Gascan they would like a Fuel Cell a Batwolf they would like an Oil Rig. Might be near impossible but I would think most people know what they have to give and might want....seeing a style preference/taste could provide at least a small amount of matching
What if I have two pieces?? And if I'm unsure about value??