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Want to view this complete exchange listing and contact the seller before its too late? Become a Premium Member Today for instant access! Don't miss out!

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  1. Anonymous

    Anonymous Gascan Addict

    Ok, this makes me really sad to do this but I can't keep these. *I can't pull off the white frames :(*
    They look way too funky on my face and my whole thing with collecting is: I will not keep items purely as display pieces (unless they are the Flores Gascans). I'm still looking for the Troy Lee Gascan's and the will add cash + the 10th Mountain for them if I can. I would much rather trade for another pair of Gascan's than sell these, but whichever works out better I suppose. These don't have the original Warm Grey lenses in them; they have Ice Iridium. I bought these at $115 with shipping and will ask the same. Again, please let me know if you want to make a trade. I much rather trade than sell these straight up for cash. (or add cash + trade)

    Selling: 10th Mountain Division Gascan - 0YAlH.jpg

    Again, these are with the ICE IRIDIUM, not the Warm Grey. I did not receive any original paperwork, bag, box or pin with these, so they will come with the standard black bag.

    *I plan on listing these on eBay as well. Thought I would offer it up here first though.
    Shade Station Oakley Sunglasses

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  2. Anonymous

    Anonymous Resident Troublemaker

    If I had those, I would grab a pair of black gascan's and switch out the arms and pop in a ruby,fire or emerald lens :wink:

    The 10th arms on a black frame would look killer :cool:

    Just a thought...
  3. Anonymous

    Anonymous African in the United Kingdom

    Thats a very good idea BADNESS!!!
  4. Anonymous

    Anonymous Resident Troublemaker

  5. Anonymous

    Anonymous Gascan Addict

    One problem is, I don't have a spare standard black frame that I could possibly use. I think I may do that again though...Anyone have a spare polished black frame lol. I'll play around with it.

    Edit: I'll still have them up for grabs unless I find some polished frames real nice and cheap.
  6. Anonymous

    Anonymous Resident Troublemaker

    Try Clist. I find gascan's on there for cheap all the time.
  7. Anonymous

    Anonymous Gascan Addict

    Yeah, looking right now. Only one listed at a decent price are a pair of Grey Smoke ones. I wonder if that would work...
  8. Anonymous

    Anonymous Resident Troublemaker

    That could look cool with a set of black iridium lenses :dance3:
  9. Anonymous

    Anonymous Gascan Addict

    I will have to try! I suppose I will close this for now. Contacted the guy and will purchase. They're relatively cheap as well which is sweet.

    Could you close this Mods?!?! Thank you Badness haha.
  10. Anonymous

    Anonymous Resident Troublemaker

    No problem. Can't wait to see them!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.