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Discussion in 'Oakley X-Metal Discussion' started by BriP, 10/13/11.

  1. BriP


    Hey guys as you know i sent my penny off for a tuneup late last month (26/09) through the local O-vault. they were shipped 27th, and arrived at the HQ on the 29th.

    NO NEWS SINCE THEN, but the lovely Repairs lady at Oakley Australia helped me track them, they are lost somewhere in HQ. that is still ongoing,.. i'll update as we go.

    But interesting thing - i was saying, those are pretty hard to replace nowadays, and she said yes, they are, and if they lost it they couldn't get me another pair obviously, as they were discontinued. But as you know, most HQ's carry spare parts, including frames etc for warranty and repairs. BUT AUSTRALIA DOES NOT HAVE A SINGLE PENNY FRAME AT HQ ANYMORE. Apparently a manager decided that because australia didn't bring in the penny in the first place (the orbitals were below legal limit for safety standards), and they at most had 4 sent in for repairs over the first few years that the penny was discontinued, that they didn't need any of the frames or lenses at HQ anymore. So, the manager proceeded to decommission EVERY FRAME AND LENS they had. Im talking ALL COLORS, including X-Metal, Copper etc. They are now GONE. Vanished.

    I just hope to christ some employee there had the sense to stash the crates full of decommissioned parts somewhere, and hopefully will pop up again someday. Somewhere in Melbourne, Victoria, there is a whole lot of Penny parts. I Hope.

    I couldnt believe my ears when i heard it.

    Well.. now im hoping they find my Penny's. and it doesnt end up vanished, like all those parts they had.

    Shade Station Oakley Sunglasses

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  2. snumfalzumpa


    wow that's pretty unbelievable they would do that...

    also how where the orbitals below legal limit? they have eye wear laws in Australia?

    p.s. have the half jackets arrived yet?

  3. BriP


    i heard this, i wasnt sure but the vertical length of the lens was apparently 1mm short of the Australian Standard.. or something. Read it somewhere but i know they didnt actually sell it here in stores ever.

    Half Jackets Havent arrived.. Still waiting =S. I'll drop you some feedback as soon as they get here thanks!

  4. JamBan


    Yikes....hope some lucky aussie keep all those spare parts without the manager knowing!! O,o

  5. -=Jeff=-


    I have also dealt with HQ losing a pair of glasses. I send my X Metal XX in through my Optometrist in 2007 for a pair of replacement RX lenses. I received them back, but then they had to be returned as there was an issue with my Line of sight on the lenses. The second time they were sent they got lost at Oakley and I was told they were making a new pair (remember RX) I received a pair, I honestly don't know if it was the same or new, but I did get them.

    Good Luck on them finding and fixing your penny's

  6. Oakley_Sight


    They did WHAT!!!!!!!!

  7. BriP


    fingers crossed..will call them back tomorrow at noon..

    yeah i know right. I was so upset.

  8. Zax

    Zax Premium Member

    I tried to fix up my original VR28 Nanowire's with the Warranty. I guess they mixed the frame/lens combo or something and sent me a new Tungsten Iridium one instead. Silly Oakley people.

  9. BriP


    well at least that worked in your favour! (unless you like vr28...)

    haha i'd be delighted if they lost it and replaced it with xmetal frames.. but as i said before, they threw it all out =(

  10. Zax

    Zax Premium Member

    Haha well...that's something I debated. Sending back the Tungsten to get the right ones back, and wait another month, or just keep them. I kept them. Best of luck with your situation though! Can't believe they "misplaced" your glasses.

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