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Shaun White Signature Series Dispatch


The Crawling Chaos
Premium Member
Mesa, AZ
I'm working in San Diego for 10 days and stopped in the gaslamp O store to pick up a lanyard and see if they had the FMJ GOLDbrook. No luck there, but I picked up the Dispatch.
i love the gaslamp O store :eek:)
nice add for any the Shaun White collection!
congrats man.
so the O-stores are selling the SW Dispatches, but not the online store? weird. =) nice pick up by the way! a pity the Dispatch is too big for my face. it's just on display for me.
Im more jealous that you're in SD and the Gaslamp district than I am of you already having these glasses lol. Nice pickup though, they look slick.

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