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Show me your custom Monster Dogs

Think maybe @V2oak had done one…?

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Hey everyone. I will be getting a pair of Monster Dogs customized, but I'm unsure what design I'd like to request. Perhaps it's because my last MD done by @zwc0442 is one of the nicest customs I've ever seen, and can't think of a design that could top it.

View attachment 894811

View attachment 894812

I was hoping people would be willing to share pics of their custom Monster Dogs, and give any backstory about the design, if applicable. Thanks in advance for any inspiration!
Customs by @Wavecloud’s Customisation

No story really. This was the first thing I sent him, told him to 'do his thing' (with a couple colours I like), and these beauties came back a few weeks later

What a fantastic thread of MD's! I have been collecting custom MD's for a little while. Just came across this thread today. Keep them coming. You guys do great work!

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