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Show us your coffee set up!


No one knows 'cacat' like cacatman!!
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What coffee setup are you guys running?

Gaggia Classic - A 2002 1425 watt single boiler beauty. Italian made, features a 3 way solenoid valve 17.5 bar pump and easy to maintain. The steaming wand has been changed to the Rancilio wand.

Breville Cafe Series EM0700 - Great workhorse with custom shield!!

Custom puck collector - made from some plumbing supplies and a piece of garden hose.


I have a stash of decaf coffee for guests who can’t have caffeine at night.

Pictured are a “blind” basket for cleaning the shower screen and a double basket for upping production.

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Pretty much wired.
That’s like drinking BudLite...

Though I appreciate the quality of the result from those NASA-inspired, stainless machines, the long lead time for preparation and extended cleaning rituals don’t work for me.
I like the convenience and quick draw capability of the Keurig or Nesspresso (I usually load my own pods). Sometimes, you just need a French press. I WILL pick up a Bialetti Moka at some point. Nice to have options.
Burr-ground Ethiopian Yergecheffe whole bean is the go-to when I can find it, or Lavazza, when the Horn of Africa is askew.


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