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  1. lawman0210

    lawman0210 Oakley Collector

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    I see they have these Flaks in Transitions Solfx clear/black and one that is persimmon/grey. What exactly is a persimmon/grey? Does this mean it's a yellow/orange in low light and it darkens up to to a gray? If so how well do they work? Looking for an indoor outdoor shooting lens
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  2. i am rich

    i am rich The Silly Collector!

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    I am a transitions guy but I still do not own a persimmon/grey. I need to expand my knowledge on this. I wish I can help you out.
  3. BriP

    BriP X-Metalhead

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    its probably too dark for indoor shooting

    this was my first photocr lens.

    i have it in a half jacket. it starts off persimmon then darkens under sunlight, but retains the persimmon base. i like it as a partly cloudy day lens- it can boost contrast in the dreary times and when the sun peeks out it can handle it.

    used to be called "black persimmon" but i guess that didnt follow tint-naming convention- light colors go first usually (ie clear-black irid)

    so persimmon- grey it is. the "black" part of the name didnt make sense since the iridium isnt that strong.

    take note (if you havent had photocr lenses before) they always seem to transmit alot of light and feel "bright" most of the time- the change is gradual so your eyes compensate faster than the lens does and you dont "notice" the change, until you take em off for abit and get properly blinded haha
    Last edited: 2/5/14
  4. NiGHTSx2

    NiGHTSx2 Oakley Collector

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    I'm not sure if it's different than Persimmon/Grey, but I have "Black Persimmon Transitions" lenses in a Commit. They start off looking like Persimmon under low light, and the black iridium coating turns darker as the amount of light increases. They never look like pure Black Iridium though; more like Persimmon with a Black Coating (if you've ever seen G30 Black or VR28 Black, you will know what I mean).
  5. Rustpot

    Rustpot M Frame Lover Premium Member

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    I'm not super impressed with my clear-black pair. Yeah, they shift, but in my opinion it's too slow and like BriP said it doesn't feel like it's dark because it lags your eyes' adjustments.

    I wore mine out for lunch to keep the wind and snow out while I was clearing off my car and didn't realize they'd darkened in the blizzard until I hopped in my car and saw my face in the mirror. Goes to show you how much UV is still irradiating us on a cloudy day, though.
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