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sideway's fit question


I love working Dispatch
i am really interested in getting a devil's brigade sideway's, and was curious as if anyone here had experience in how they fit? i guess my head is normal / average size, i never tried them on.
scalpel's fit me great, fuel cell fits me pretty good, not sure what a good frame is to compare it with.

anyway heres a pic if it helps.
The Sideways is a very small fit.
About the same size as a Twitch or a Montefrio.

I found the Fuel Cell a bit wider than the Gascan.
And I think the Sideways might be about the same as a Gascan - except without the flexibility due to the fact that they are Acetate.

I've got the white Sideways, which look awesome, but I never wear them cos they are too small for me really.
i do remember hearing how the acetate frames fit real tight/snug on the face...
that's what im worried about with them, i'd like to wear them but not get a headache...

twitch fit well if i remember... anyway thanx mr. h.

hope you get those fuente hijinx! im looking for a fuente antix!
I can answer this question (maybe)! I am Asian (and I'm not sure how most frames fit with you) but a lot of frames touch my cheeks and eyebrows, which I find rather uncomfortable. The Fuel Cell's touch my face in all of those areas, so I modify them to fit my needs because I love them. I would say, they are a mix between the Hijinx and the Gascan's. I know that's a huge comparison, but I'll be more specific. The orbitals feel like the Hijinx, and the fit feels like a Gascan. The arm's kind of squeeze your head. However, due to the acetate frame, it is really easy to change. For me, the Sideways fits pretty well in the Standard fit frame. If I could though, I would get the Asian Fit ones. They don't touch my eyebrows nor my cheeks, and the fit is rather snug. I've never tried the scalpel so I have no idea how they would fit, and the Hijinx touches my cheek. I'm not sure if this helps you at all, but that's just from my own experience.

Edit: The arms are held by hinges :S. I have no idea how flexible they are, but I get nervous when I'm trying to stretch out the frame.
gascan really didnt feel very secure on me..as for some people, that frame from my experience always felt like the would fall off...
i had a lot of bad luck with asian fit frames, only one i didnt mind was a asian fit gascan. asian fit straight jacket did not work at all, i just stick with regular frames.

i guess ill just have to suck it up and dread a trip to sunglass hut.
I'm not sure why, but the Gascan's never bothered me. The standard fit ones fit me way better than the Asian fit ones, and they stick pretty well to my face. They just fall off a lot when they're propped up on my head. The Sideways is much more snug than the Gascan in my personal opinion, but yeah, trying them on would probably be your best bet. The Devil's Brigade sideways are really nice though! Definitely worth getting if you enjoy the frame.
The Sideways fit me ok in that I don't find them tight but they do rest on my cheek a bit (think I should consider Asian Fit in the future perhaps). They are a really cool sunglass tho.
The Sideways fit me ok in that I don't find them tight but they do rest on my cheek a bit (think I should consider Asian Fit in the future perhaps). They are a really cool sunglass tho.
:) thanks mrs.h!
i have that issue with the fuel cell. it tends to rest on my cheek. I do like that sideways icon :D
do you own a pair? im interested in a devils brigade sideways :) im not sure what the difference is in the asian fit.