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Sir Clifden’s Sanctuary

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Beyond Reason
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Welcome Back Update.

Hello Sanctuary. I’m feeling a bit better. As everyone knows I had a couple losses to get over, my girlfriend gave birth to a still born and then a good friend who was also a boss died. Those were tough losses for me and I got the time I needed to get the closure. What all of you don’t know is what else I was dealing with. I had got some bad news in my health that was a very low blow. Right now my body is still weak and I am getting better it’s just a process of the road to recovery. Spirits are super strong very high.

I want to take the time to let everyone here know I appreciate your being in my corner. I know most of you don’t understand that but you were. I had my girlfriend, parents in my corner but, I also put and turned focus to Oakley and everyone here be a cornerstone of inspiration for me to fight and be strong. Thank you all very much.

Big news here. After all I been through with three major things in my life I decided I wanted to get three major purchases for my collection. These last purchases are a reminder of what I been through and everything I did get through it. My girlfriend parents and god all played a key role as well as everyone here. I won’t be making anymore Oakley purchases. I will be popping the big question to my girlfriend here soon with her family and my family present. I want to make a hobby of collecting memories for the time I’m still be able to be here and I’m hoping we can have the opportunity to fully carry a baby. I want to be able to feel complete in life and when good lord calls my number my girlfriend will know I made sure our family is well took care of and I’ll have lots things that can be carried on.

As some of you know and seen one of those major purchases I made is infact an Oakley Xeus #023/500. It was purchased in the first wave at retail. I didn’t post anything here when I got it cause I wanted to make a big splash with the presentation of it. I got a Zeus statue limited edition #284/300. As you all know by my collection and how I’ve presented some of it I like to go big.

I am working on the remaining updates for my collection as we speak it’s a lot folks and I hope I don’t forget something or someone in the shoutouts.

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Good to hear from you brother man. So sorry to hear about your losses, keep on fighting through the pain brother, the Big Man upstairs will get you through it.

Got you in my prayers brother!

Shade Station Oakley Sunglasses
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Sir Clifden

Oakley Expert
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It’s been awhile gang I know. My jobs still super busy. I go from health issues to a life crisis to super busy at work. I’ve not had time to do what I need to do to finish up this thread that will come when my job slows back down to normal.

Here’s a teaser. Yes this is not an Oakley pair. However, this is my collection thread so I’ll put these here for everyone to look at.

Here is a pair of Tom Davies Morpheus #0154/3000. I had this pair for awhile and thought man it be badass had Oakley made this pair. So, I came up with this idea and talked to someone that liked the idea. Meet Morpheus’s shades on steroids——Prizm Ruby Polarized lenses.