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  1. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    In the spirit of the holidays, and seeing the success of the Christmas giveaways by @LinusOBerlin @Fernando & @OakleyTrader15 , I figured that I would join the party with an item that seems to be highly sought after, specially for most of you display shelf whores.

    My giveaway is a Brand New Oakley Skate Deck, shipping on me anywhere in the world to the winner.


    The contest is a little bit different since I want the staff members to have the opportunity to join, being that it is thanks to them that this great forum exists and stays decent. Since I'm a diehard Seahawks fan, the contest is on the sum of the points of next week's game between the Rams vs Seahawks (game is in Seattle). These are usually high scoring games, but has also seen low scores due to their 2 strong defensive units. First game between them this year yielded 65 points.

    • First come first serve.
    • No repeats. Once a number is taken that's it. No changes.
    • If nobody hits the exact number, the closest one wins (even if he/she goes over)
    • In case of a tie, If the final number is 60, and someone has 58 and another one has 62, then the winner will be 58 for not going over.
    • No limit to the number of people who can join.
    • Raffle closes at kickoff
    I will try to update the list at least once a day, but please try to read the numbers taken between updates to make it easier to keep track.

    Happy holidays to everyone.
    Let's roll

    0) @nlgrav182
    2) @JOHN Oakley RadarFan
    3) @Robert Greenough
    4) @sunpoh
    5) @majorosbence1990
    6) @TheBayouBeast
    7) @oakleybadman
    8) @mercat
    9) @DrMike
    10) @OttawaMike
    11) @Gecko
    12) @GH4AU
    13) @Squared-Ojunkie
    14) @Nortika
    15) @Dieseltech
    16) @QLR1
    17) @Belfry
    18) @Solomonfrog24
    19) @Rustpot
    20) @Loupxm
    21) @atty_65
    22) @thisguy
    23) @Craig Perkins
    24) @O Cummins
    25) @702baby
    26) @Oakster
    27) @pricedollaz
    28) @fastlsx
    29) @Fernando
    30) @Sal Salgado
    31) @Slojack
    32) @gascan_man
    33) @BAPD77
    34) @DSJ
    35) @Hellmut77
    36) @rex360hype
    37) @Patrick Ingrassia
    38) @washi me sensie
    39) @KillerCollector

    40) @steveocubed <<<<<<<<<<< WINNER OF A NEW OAKLEY SKATE DECK
    41) @MachineHead
    42) @reggavegga
    43) @RickyBobby
    44) @bradadamski
    45) @Oakley-olic
    46) @del518
    47) @Wicked
    48) @Batman_1939
    49) @MasterO
    50) @Dnkeyhnter
    51) @Rubyskull
    52) @BHarry
    53) @SiRacer420
    54) @Mervillian
    55) @barok0208
    56) @Jestered
    57) @Funky-Trixtar
    58) @STavros
    59) @Blockster
    60) @dingo ate my baby
    61) @theDisruptive_One
    62) @iamFLIP
    63) @Lexkempo
    64) @Brettc10
    65) @gulfstream
    66) @Brian Nickell
    67) @Sean72791
    68) @MD Oakley'er
    69) @roblaudrup
    70) @bean323
    71) @jrd5497
    72) @Barricade
    73) @the_owl
    74) @Zeke
    75) @The_Darkone
    76) @Oakley for life
    77) @LinusOBerlin
    79) @MJLSr
    80) @alcapon1
    81) @Cargo
    82) @Swiss Cheeze
    83) @SecretNinja
    84) @motoGP_fanatic
    85) @Cesar mora
    86) @Duke Nivram
    87) @SMman
    88) @mopiko
    89) @sdeuel
    90) @KDawg
    91) @Mthebull
    92) @@oakleyt1
    93) @thatoakleyguy
    94) @Bronzefunk
    95) @erap
    96) ---------------------------------------------
    97) ---------------------------------------------
    98) ---------------------------------------------
    99) @Leglessracing
    100) @sirius
    101) @GoldenGatePeepers
    Last edited by a moderator: 12/27/15
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  2. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    Good morning bro! 36 please! And happy holidays! :)
    Anonymous, Anonymous and Anonymous like this.
  3. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    Happy holidays @MSTech thanks For The Giveaway 29 For My ;)
    Anonymous and Anonymous like this.
  4. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    31 please and thank you.
    Anonymous likes this.
  5. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    34 for me please!! And thank you!!
    Anonymous likes this.
  6. Anonymous

    Anonymous Team RamRod Staff Member

    I would like to guess 35.
    Anonymous likes this.
  7. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    Anonymous likes this.
  8. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    I'll take 28
    Anonymous likes this.
  9. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    I like 37. Very cool!!
    Anonymous likes this.
  10. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    42 for me
    Anonymous likes this.
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