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Discussion in 'Oakley Sunglasses Discussion' started by Razerwire, 8/16/11.

  1. Razerwire


    I recently bought a custom Flak Jacket with a grey smoke frame, black iridium polarized lenses, chrome on black icon and black earsocks.

    I also bought a set of the slate earsocks and put them on.

    Now it comes down to whether or not I want to spend the money on some slate iridiums. When I was at the Oakley store I compared the slate iridiums to my black iridium polarized and couldn't see much of a difference. But the stores tend to be dark therefore I wasn't sure if the comparison was legitimate.

    Should I spend the money for some slate iridiums or are they truly not that much different than the black iridium polarized cosmetically speaking?

    Shade Station Oakley Sunglasses

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  2. bouncing_boy77


    i'd say go for the slate iridiums. there's still a difference in the shade between the two. but then again, i might be biased as i have both slate iridiums on my half and flak jackets...

    and then, just buy a spare frame for your black iridium polarized lenses!

  3. Razerwire


    How big is the difference in shade? And is that difference looking through the lenses or at the lenses? And there's no way in hell I'm buying another Flak!

  4. bouncing_boy77


    not that much really. i just prefer the shade of the slate iridiums. i think its much more looking at it than it is looking through it where the difference lies.

  5. Razerwire


    So what's the difference? Are the Black Iridium Polarized more mirror-like?

  6. bouncing_boy77


    yup, for me, i think that's the main difference of the black iridiums.

  7. yoshi1984


    I have a Oakley Canteen with Slate Iridium lenses, Slate is much less mirror-like. I think Slate might be the least reflective Iridium lens Oakley has, you can see the persons's eyes through them quite easily, much like + red iridium, where as black iridium it's pretty much a mirror.

  8. Razerwire


    Hmmm. I do tend to like reflective lenses more but the Slate Iridium and Slate Earsocks combo would make more sense with the matching right? Man that's a hard decision.

  9. the piper

    the piper

    If u come across another pair let me know the Grey Smoke Flaks r the only thing I'd buy right now Cant find anywhere...for bright sun Black but for a change and for those frames Slate is my thought..darn I wish I had a pair

  10. Razerwire


    I'll definitely check my local O Store if they have any left.

    Vault.com had them with the Slate Iridiums for $99. I got my order in but they were oversold and it never occurred to them that they should notify me. I waited and waited then finally called them and they told me they were oversold and since they were discontinued that they wouldn't get any more in stock.

    So the next day I went to my local O Store and they had the frame. Damned thing cost me $220 instead of $99. :(

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