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Discussion in 'Oakley Sunglasses Discussion' started by the piper, 5/5/11.

  1. the piper

    the piper

    In the past i have worn SJ2, Minute 2, Unknown, MP and MD which have snug fit..just got Pit Bulls and sent them back they are huge I realize thats the trend but with Minutes disappearing oakley is not addressing those who look ..well just not right in huge glasses..and for the curious PB much larger lens and bigger fit as well than MD...will there be a Minute 3.0? 200 pairs later and I now cant find a thing that really fits well anymore I am 5'10 165 so not small person but I guess face is...just curious if eye patch will have fit like OG or also be bigger in fit....the Black/Violet looks nice...

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  2. Forgoten214


    Eyepatch will fit almost exactly the same.

    I'd recommend something like the Straight Jackets those fit almost exactly like the Minute 2.0s. Not 100% sure of what your style is but if I had a small face I'd definitely go X-Metal.

  3. The Game

    The Game

    if you like wire frames, tightrope and whisker fit like minute 2.0

  4. oakleyguy7

    oakleyguy7 Premium Member

    what about 5 square or fives. those are both on the smaller side

  5. ucdavis4PT0gpa


    Wiretap. Great prices on eBay and Oakleyvault.com

  6. the piper

    the piper

    I have a collection of abt 150 w/ many SJ/Min/Unknown/MP/MD/Canteen but my question was more long run..not into the wire ans telesales pretty much indicated fashion/Prada type glasses sell and minutes do not anymore so I am thinking future O Matter ...although as wife says I have more than enuff to last me...Fives 2009 4.0 were excellent To me 5 squareds felt loose and flimsy even tho small enough...Also Gascan S was a perfect fit Wish I had bought a few more...If telesales is right-I dont see Minute or SJ replacements on horizon...

  7. music_man185


    i too have a small face and have a hard time finding frames that dont look huge on my face. i only have 3 frames, but i think they all fit me well. i have a pair of half jackets (standard lens, not XLJ), x metal pennys, and monster pups. i've been going back and forth on the monster pups. when i first got them, i though they looked too big. but they are starting to grow on me. they are probably the biggest frames i've ever had. i've always stuck to small frames that wrapped very tight.

  8. rjoaquin75


    I too have the same issue as well. I currently wear the monster pups. But am trying to find another Oakley frame for my daily rotation. I have a small bridge so finding sunglasses are a bit difficult for me. However the pit bulls fit ok. Have you tried to pit bull's?

  9. the piper

    the piper

    Pit Bulls were way too big....lenses rested on my cheek...I have just abt accepted I wont be wearing anything newer than 07..I have decent collection of the styles I mentioned above and they(O telesales) now tells me EP 2 will fit like Gascan so I can cross those off First Gen Eyepatch had decent curve but I really prefer the SJ/Minute style of wrap...here on the east coast the few people I have seen wearing large frames have been Hs students/College...I am quite a bit older and PB looked way huge and out of place on me Fives 2009- 4.0 were a small bone they threw us shrunken headers and I have 4 pairs of those...U are lucky PB fit...I expect OCP for those will be great

  10. music_man185


    have you tried half jackets? they have more of a sporty look, but i have a small face too and they fit me very well. i dont think they are too sporty to wear around town either. i wear mine all the time. extremely comfortable with tons of lens and frame options.

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