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So I decided on the Minute Machine watch!!


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But like everyone else....I don't want to pay $1600 for it! The lovely girl at my local O store told me that there is a family and friends sale around the corner that could mean up to about 30% I think she said. She also mentioned something about a discount where you come in the store and you open up a coupon packet or something and your sale is revealed....she said it could be a 10$ discount, a $500 discount, a 50% discount, almost anything. If I could get a new MM watch at half price, I would grab one right away. So to better understand how these coupons work, can I just keep going in and out of the O store until I hopefully hit the 50% off coupon? How does this work? I wonder if the manager of the store can do some "magic" and just grant you the 50% off coupon? I'm seeing some NIB appear on eBay for $999 shipped. Bite the bullet and drop a grand or hold off and see if I can save a couple hundred bucks?

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Congrats on your purchase.
Oh wait. OOOPS. This is the recent purchases section but you didn't actually purchase anything yet. :p



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