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  1. stn51


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    now keeping in mind i have bought sunglasses from people and they got to me not even close to what the described, and i did not leave pos feedback on them because they lied. and why would i leave 5 stars? i dont understand this. so now people that are buying from these people are going to possibly lied to or just get stuff other than what the seller described. so i get punished for doing what they encourage you to do.so why do they have ratings and feedback at all. i know that a majority of things i buy on the auction site are very well described,and i know that people generally are honest but i mean these last 3 pairs i bought were so bad it was not even close. i know here on the forum if you lied about condition it would be a giant no no but this is ridiculous, so this is what they wrote to me

    Dear stn51

    To keep e#*y a fair and safe marketplace for all members, we routinely review buying and selling activity. In reviewing your account, we found:

    -- An unusually high rate of buyer protection cases being opened for items not as described.
    -- A pattern of leaving neutral or negative Feedback or low detailed seller ratings (1's & 2's) for competitive sellers that suggest that the low ratings were left to disrupt such sellers.

    Because of this behavior, we've removed from related seller profiles any neutral or negative Feedback, and any low detailed seller ratings left by you within the past year. Please be aware that if this activity continues, you may be subject to a range of other actions, including limitations on your buying and selling privileges, and suspension of your account.

    If you have a problem with a transaction, we encourage you to contact the seller first to work out a solution. For more information about contacting your seller, go to:
    Contacting your seller

    For information on rules for buyers, go to:
    Buying practices policy

    We appreciate your cooperation and understanding.


    Shade Station Oakley Sunglasses

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  2. nlgrav182

    nlgrav182 Oakley Enthusiast

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    Shitty! Just another reason not to use eBay. I guess there's a lot of scenarios where people unfairly leave negative feedback, but there should be more of a review process in cases like these.

    Do you use eBay.com or eBay.co.**?
  3. hearno

    hearno Oakley Collector

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    I f'in hate ebay with a passion. I just use them as a worldwide classified ad and make every attempt to reach a deal outside of it and end the listing.
  4. stn51


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    i use ebay.com which i think i might stop doing completely
  5. Rustpot

    Rustpot M Frame Lover Premium Member

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    They blow.

    I've noticed a lot more of eBay telling me a seller is "entitled" to 5 stars in a certain category.

    I understand free shipping is an automatic 5 Star rating. But the seller is entitled to 5 in communication? For what? I ended, paid, got an ebay update notifying me the package was shipped, and then it showed up. What communication did the seller give me that would be worth more than 3 stars, which is a neutral rating?

    They're not letting real feedback get through, and I've been burned WAY too many times with condition not being right. But I know if I open a case every time it'll end up like stn51 and eBay will tell me I'm too picky and not being fair. So I won't even buy "fair" deals and go for only things I really want or true steals.

    And the steals and deals are getting rarer and rarer. People are asking for more and more, and there are more and more outrageous buy-it-now listings that are asking for multiple hundreds for run of the mill items that sell for under $100 all day.
  6. jk-27

    jk-27 Moderator Premium Member

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    I don't know the circumstances of the items you bought but I will give a sellers point of view as I am going through an issue right now.

    I sold a pair of used boots on ebay. At the last minute a guy outbid everyone else and won the auction. However, within two minutes he emailed me to say he's now just looked at the pictures and they look damaged at the heel. I pointed out there were photos of the heels on the listing and there are no signs of damage. He then requested a next day shipping service despite the listing stating it was 3 days. I thought he was going to cancel the transaction and I would have been glad if he did as I had a feeling he was trouble but then he paid and the boots were posted.

    Low and behold, 3 days later I get an email from him to say they've arrived but the heel has come off. Bearing in mind the listing on the pictures shows the heel fully intact, and I just re gone over them before sending them because he complained the leather looked torn at the heel, I know the heel was there. I asked him to return them to me in the condition in which they were sent but he said he can't because the heel has come off. He's now opened an 'item not as described' case but in his case he says the heel is now cracked in two places which is the third different claim he's made and again, the listing photos show the heel and there are no cracks! He's also just had feedback from another seller who felt strongly enough to post positive feedback but the actual wording of the feedback is that he won an auction and now wants to back out of the deal (i.e., a similar thing to what he is doing to me).

    ebay is very heavily buyer focussed, I know this guy is making a false claim against me, I highly suspect he has damaged the boots so what I get back will not be in a re-sellable condition, but I know ebay will still side with him and demand a refund. I'd have lost a good pair of used boots I could have sold, plus wasted time and money posting them for what? To hear that ebay do actually look at buyers history for patterns of false and malicious activity (not saying yours was) gives me a little hope.
  7. Nortika

    Nortika I should Work at Oakley Premium Member

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    I would write a nasty gram to eBay! Tell them you think it's bull that they are ripping off the customer by removing the feedback!

    As for the moderator I would file a claim, you have the pict to prove it!
  8. stn51


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    well thanks for the feedback everyone, jk i have been a seller and a buyer, in this case i am the buyer and i have been told do not give negative feedback and do not leave less than five stars (in no uncertain terms of course).i understand that there are people that are just bad buyers, but if i spend good money for a item that is described as used but good condition, i dont want to receive a pair of glasses that looked like they rolled around in a floorboard of a car for 2 years.
    i can contact the seller and he can say i told you no returns ......so what is my recourse but to file a not as described claim? and then leave appropriate feedback.well according to ebay that is not how it works. i have been selling and buying on ebay for 12 1/2 years, i have only had one not as described claim against me for anything i have ever sold, and i know they buyer had remorse and didnt know what else to do. i dont feel this is a "buyer focused" operation. is it malicious to leave appropriate feedback and appropriate star ratings?, because i dont think i am the only one out there that gets tired of being lied to and the questionable practices that ebay condones. plain and simple dont lie to people! describe items truthfully. and you should expect a worm in a nice shiny apple once in a while but when you buy three nice shiny apples you should not expect worms in all of them.
  9. vecte

    vecte Oakley Beginner

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    This is why, when you sell things on eBay, the day you go to ship something, take pictures with date and timestamps on them. Get good shots of the item's packaging, and get shots of it going into the shipping package. A total of three pictures is what I take: item, going into box, sealed box with addresses.

    I had some fool try to open an item not as described case against me, but he swiftly lost. He said the solid state drive I had sold him was opened, but the day I packaged and shipped the item I took a picture of the factory sealed box that showed the serial number. I also took a picture of it going into the shipping box, and all of the pictures were date and time stamped. I did not acknowledge his messages on eBay, I provided eBay with the pictures, and I let eBay handle the situation. The next day the case was closed, and I had won the dispute.

    There are always sufficient was to protect yourself as a seller against those who abuse the system. I've been using eBay going on eight years now, and I have yet to any serious issue. eBay has ALWAYS been overly buyer focused, even in the days when the seller could leave actual feedback for a buyer. People have always abused the system, but you just have to know how to deal with them. Take the extra few minutes to protect yourself.