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So what's up with linegear?

Japanese Jellyfish

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They aren’t the only Company supplying aftermarket parts for us, I use Fuse, Ikon and Revant also but @Linegear Japan are VERY well respected and always willing to listen and adapt their products to suit the consumers needs/demand.

@Linegear Japan, @Japanese Jellyfish, @SEAN WAYNE are always on standby.
Thank you bro! And yes, shoot us a PM and we will do our best to accomodate your needs. Linegear is available for O Matter too!


Oakley Beginner
You're welcome! Also at the end if this month, new colors for NXT (Red Mirror, Ice and Black) will be released. Around March this year 24k lenses will also be available. We will keep you updated.

When will the 24K lenses be available to purchase from Linegear? And will they be available for Juliet? Polarized or non-polarized?

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