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SoCal Peeps!


Pronounced, "Spliced"
Los Angeles, CA
Am i the only one from Socal?

I guess i should make nice like everyone else and say a few things about myself.

My first pair of Oakleys were Crystal Black Frogskins in 1996. I LOVED them until one day i went to the beach and put them "safely" into my backpack while i jumped in the water. When i got back, i found my friend had been using my bag as a pillow. He cracked the frames. I've never forgiven him for it.

I replaced the Frogskins with a pair of E-wires and from then on it became an obsession. I now own about 30 frames, watches, clothing, shoes, and various accessories. My wife hates my passion/obsession and my friends think i'm crazy for even spending the amount of money i do on the Oakley brand. I just tell them it's like collecting art and i'm sure all of you here will agree that it is similar to collecting fine pieces of art.

I also only buy frames that i will actually wear. I will not buy a piece just to say i'm collecting it. While i think of my collection as art, it's pointless to own if i can't enjoy them for what they were made for.