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  1. lala

    lala Oakley Beginner

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    Hey guys well I ended up getting the worst costumer I have ever had on ebay buy the Juliets.... He shorted me by $6 for shipping... But I did get $450- for them and am kinda sad to see them go to in general but especially to a jerk like that... so how's everybody do the past few day?
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  2. washi me sensie

    washi me sensie The Oakley R┼Źnin

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    how did the buyer paid short? ... anyway at least you sold them!!
  3. BriP

    BriP X-Metalhead

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    what colorway is that juliet? most colorways, youre already up $100, i wouldnt worry about $6 in shipping
  4. AngelAir

    AngelAir Oakley Collector

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    $450 minus ebay fees is $405. Minus Paypal fees and your net = approx $390. And then there is shipping cost (ebay gets 10% of that too). Guess my offer was fair, huh?
    Last edited: 2/23/14
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  5. Supero100

    Supero100 Oakley Enthusiast

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    XM/Ruby, IIRC
  6. Hando

    Hando Oakley Enthusiast

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    I'm also curious as to how the buyer shorted you on shipping. Don't you set the shipping cost?
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  7. JetIntakePort

    JetIntakePort Oakley Beginner

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    Yeah... The invoice is not adjustable from the buyers side... So he has to pay exactly what u put on your auction...
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  8. lawman0210

    lawman0210 Oakley Collector

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    Wow I forgot about ebay now getting a cut of shipping. That is so freaking stupid. I am surely going to rethink my selling strategy. I did a calculation on just 1.00 item that say you wanted to just get out to someone who wanted it. Say you got it for 0.00 and sold it it got 1.00. The item is big so it cost 10.00 to ship. Your cost owed to ebay is 1.10 the cost to the post office is 10.00 the cost to Pay Pal .4 cents so the total money you earned is -14 cents. Hopefully you got shipping cost right because every .1 your off is another .1 out of your pocket to have the honor of selling on ebay
  9. pistolpetefan23

    pistolpetefan23 Oakley Expert Premium Member

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    I understand the eBay policy on the shipping, as there were people that would list an item cheap and then jack up shipping to avoid paying fees. I wish they'd acknowledge that is the exception though, and charge for shipping costs of over $10 or something so that people that are selling appropriately don't lose out. But, then they'd lose out on all those extra fees, and they'd never go backwards like that.
  10. Or at least do something like if you let the buyer use the eBay shipping calculator then you don't pay fees or something.
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