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  1. Explosive

    Explosive Oakley Beginner

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    Glad this forum exist, so I'm looking into getting a pair of RX Oakleys. Issue being they sure aren't cheap if you want lens color options.... I was first torn between Spy and Oakley but decided my first pair will be Oakley.
    I have got it down to the Holbrook and the Two Face. My first question, does anyone have pictures of gold iridium polarized ( or even non polarized ) lens ? Everything i find is 24k and thats not an option for these or else I'd probably go that route. Trying to see gold iridium inside the house with no sunlight so i can see the actual color and maybe one of them outside if anyone has those pics. I kind of like the tungsten iridium but in my research they see to be a light iridium ?

    Also if anyone owns both these frames id really appreciate a side by side photo so i can get a feel for the size. Has anyone felt the two face isnt made as well as other frames and thus would avoid ? They do said made in China right on them which is a bummer, but what isnt these days... I appreciate if anyone can help me here as I'm looking at just shy of $400 for these things so i want to make sure im happy with my purchase.

    EDIT : Also, they show on the Holbrook and Shaun White and Shaun White Signature frame, one looks to just have gold O and bolts but what about the signature ? Anybody know the differences ? If i get gold lens I think the gold O and bolts would be a nice touch.
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  2. Chelas

    Chelas Oakley Beginner

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    holbrook is awesome