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  1. ucdavis4PT0gpa

    ucdavis4PT0gpa Oakley Expert

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    Okay so before I go to sleep a couple things that are bugging me pertaining to lovely eBay (which for the most part is good to me and saves me thousands of dollars a year on everything from home appliance parts to movies to sunglasses).

    I'm getting really tired of sifting through hundreds of listings for aftermarket x metal lenses and rubber. And Walleva? You're the worst offender. I mean really, its so bad there should be a cap or something. You can't even run a more general searchdome search because it blows your email up and even using newly listed and 200 per page, if you don't check every hour you might have missed something.

    And sellers who kill their listings when the price doesn't rise far enough and the end of the auction approaches....especially when the price is already above what they likely paid but oh no...if its not bidding at 50% or 75% profit with a day left the auction vanishes and re appears a week later. I understand its a sellers discretion to do so, but for crying out loud, pay a buck and make it a reserve auction. Oh wait, that doesn't generate the same interest.
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  2. TheRevTy

    TheRevTy Oakley Beginner

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    Every search I do for Oakleys on eBay includes "-walleva -vl -exovista -linegear". It is quite ridiculous.
  3. Rustpot

    Rustpot M Frame Lover Premium Member

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    There are some that don't list the brand as well I've noticed. Probably because they figured out we're doing a little filtering and don't want their lenses.
  4. Mickle

    Mickle Oakley Beginner

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    Just filter the search with a minimum price of $45. That cuts out MOST aftermarket lenses, and let's face it, you ain't getting a pair of O's for u dee $45 anyway lol
  5. the piper

    the piper Oakley Collector

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    Yes They seem to be multiplying exponentially on ebay...filtering by price is a good idea...will do that.
  6. jk-27

    jk-27 Moderator Premium Member

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    Yeah, a search for 'Frogskins' produces a ton of aftermarkets lenses compared to actual sunglasses.

    Re: sellers ending listings early, yes it's a pain. However, some sellers may be looking to cover the costs that they paid for it so to say they should be happy if it has bids for what they paid isn't quite fair. If you want to break even (i.e. make no profit what so ever) on any item you list on eBay you have to, at a minimum, charge 15% more than you paid for it just to cover eBay and PayPal fees.
  7. Mrs H

    Mrs H First Lady of Oakley Forum (IG mrshandmollymoo)

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    Yeah, I get sick of seeing loads of VL lenses when I search for a certain frame or whatever!! it sucks!! haha. Its just a shame E is so handy for stuff! haha
    good ranting :0)